Undereating on fruit = "falling off the wagon"

I have noticed that just about every person that focuses a lot on "not overeating" and "following true hunger" (having their own interpretation of true "hunger", meaning they drastically undereat calories) keeps "falling off the wagon" left, and center. Their blog post will often include expressions such as "emotional eating", "binge on cooked food", the need to water fast for x number of days to regain "clarity and focus", purging the body of toxins, focuse a lot more of greens, having no overts and so on.

Also, it seems to be that on the boards that do not focuse on getting enough calories, they are accepting to people eating cooked foods... WHY? Usually because they're undereating on fruit and got to get their calories somewhere. 

So as y'all might know, I did the undereating thing for a little over a year (slow learner I am): It left me binge prone, weak, always  cold and my mood was not exactly chipper. I now do my best to get enough calories each day (for me that's anything over 2000, but I'm going to eat 2500 - 3000 kcals for a while and see how that is), but yesterday was a miss for sure: I had a 600 kcal breakfast, so that's all right, but with only 500 kcals for the rest of the day left me sooo hungry & I reached for he cashew nuts straight away. Lesson learned: Eat enough calories from fruit and I won't even look twice at those cashews.

What's your experience?

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  • I often cook for my husband. But before the meal is ready for him to serve, I eat loads of fruit so that i am not tempted. But if I dont have time to eat my fruit, you can imagine how i suffer. the smell being so good... but mostly i resist or i just try a small bite. therefore eating enough fruit is sooo important.
  • Oh man.
    If I don't eat enough my running performance goes kerplunk! It sucks big time! I'll be huffin' and puffin' and my stomach will be growlin'!
    I've been having a tough time recently getting enough cals due to finances and availability and the first thing I noticed was how much muscle I lost, which blew because I worked so hard for it! I have no attention span for weight lifting and I finally gritted my teeth and did it, was so proud and then poof! A week of undereating and they were gone!
  • I have the same experience. Every time I don't keep track of calories the cravings start, and if I don't eat more fruit RIGHT AWAY I almost always give in.
    I need a lot more calories than i originally thought. It seems like "too much" food or "bingeing on fruit" at first but it's really not.
    I'm starting to look at it all from a different perspective--> Instead of involving my philosophical viewpoints of eating and calories, i simply look at it logically --> eat more fruit, perform more, more efficiently. I ate over 4000 calories yesterday because I know I will be playing soccer this morning.
    I'm aiming for an average of 3000 cals a day from now on - that's been working well.
    I've tried to do low cal on this diet lots of times, because it would just be easier if that's how it worked. But it doesn't. There's a REASON that pretty much EVERYONE who's been a longterm 811er says CONSTANTLY that we need to EAT MORE FRUIT! It'd be wise to listen to them for once. In the past I didn't, and then I wonder why I've been trying for over a year and can't get it right. Well I'm not in denial anymore. So perhaps I will finally succeed :)
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