Uploading photos?

I can't seem to figure out how to add photos to my page?

I'm not very tech savvy,  is there somewhere on this site that explains all the options/ how to for members? 

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  • Ah well, maybe somebody else will figure it out and let us now.  
    glad you like the pic! 🍉

  • Yeah thats a no as far as I can tell 😄.  Think i tried everything in those options when I first signed up. Just confirmed again with a yellow rambutan pic.   

    Thank you for trying!  Btw i always thought you had the best profile pic. pretty much says it all,  worth a thousand words! 


  • Good to read you too, Emery!  Much has changed since the olden days, but I'm glad that at least of few of us are carrying the torch forward.

    I'm not sure about the new member profile status. The site is significantly different since it was reset. Maybe Free can chime in. 

    and while yesterday I was on a desktop, I logged in on a phone now  to see what it looks like for me.  On my personal page I see this options button which looks promising. 

  • Also wondering why my profile doesn't show up as a new member, only find it if i search.  ?

  • Aloha Windlord,  wow i remember you from way back when this site was really vibing!  So sad all the drama and controversy, the health movement seems so divided these days 😕

    So drop down menu from "my page" button does not give me a "my photos" option.  I took a screenshot, is it because im using a phone?  Don't have a computer.  Thanks for your reply! 10024295101?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Or if you're referring to adding multiple photos as an album, hover over the "my page" button in the menu bar.  You'll see a drop down menu featuring "my photos."  Should be able to add them there

  • 10019864457?profile=RESIZE_400x


    Click this "options" button about 10 inches down on the right side of your personal page.

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