I hope you are as excited for this as I am. 

I am in Massachusetts, and representing myself and the idea of a few people to band together to create a community in Westminster, MA, or another area of Eastern Massachusetts.  

The goal is about 30 to 50 people or families, each having a private 2.5-4 acres each, all the same amount.  The remainder will be a common area, common woods, etc.  It’s so exciting. I don’t know about you but it’s a dream come true. 

So far, the consensus is these parameters to make life easier for all of us to support each other in how we want to move forward.  

-  No animals inside walls or fences

-  Vegan,  Raw Vegan

- No power tools used for building, or outdoor work

- No air conditioners, no gas or propane or other fossil fuels.

It may be that the best use is sections of wifi-free houses, or common area wifi, phone use, so that people do not need cell phones or devices.  

While it’s a desire to use less freezers, wifi, and cell phones, it’s not necessarily where one is at right now.

It’s this goal that we are moving in this direction, towards being in a safe space, total union with other life, developing a gentler and non-busy life. 

All buildings will be built by hand by anyone who wants to participate.  That way anyone who wants to can learn to build a house, and some lucky one gets the house whether they design it, or not... and then one is freed up can help others build one. No rent..  This is in contrast to what people often do, which is work all week, paying for a contractor to build their house, to rush through a more toxic building of the house.  When people try to buy a paradise alone, it is more expensive and more lonely later.  This way, the builder needs little money and finds him/herself amongst friends who also want this freedom and together they can actually make the dream a reality.

 There are a lot of people who want this, right?  Like really!

 Don’t be shy!  I really want people to feel like they can let this be what they’ve been wanting.  It’s really not a attempt of a few individuals it’s just this dream that includes a lot of people even if we don’t know eachother, yet. You know if it’s yours.  Come in some way, please!  We want you.  We want friends.  We’re all on earth and we might as well come together on earth. 

Maybe you want to start another community?  How bout it. More the merrier.  There is a movement in Russia calling itself the Kin-villages.  Some people get together, raise enough money to purchase some land.  Then they divide it into 2.5 acre sections, each one for a family.  There is independence for the residents in this model, and the goal is to develop a space of love for the family that can last for ages and satsify everyone. 

This is the video describing this happening in russia <https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bmaNy76ic94>;

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    • I cannot access your website.  I am hip, but only for a community in southern California, where I and my family live.

      • It seems okay now, it said that for me too. 

        That’s very inspiring. What is the community like?

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