Vegan Aquafaba Whipped Cream Recipe - Low fat!


Wanted to share this! This low fat vegan whipped cream recipe turned out way better than I could have imagined. It fluffed up really nicely and doesn't use coconut cream, it uses aquafaba, which is much lower in fat. I ate it with some raw banana ice cream!

Check out how to make it:

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  • Inspiring!

  • This looks great!  The link just shows a picture. 

    • Oh thank you! The link should work now. :)

      • I was saying to myself, "no way!" every paragraph of your article here, lol! I am so excited to have this! Fat free pumpkin pie is a staple at my house and for holidays I usually buy the So coconut whipped cream to add something festive. But not only do you get the extra fat and "natural flavors" and other stuff one may not want to put in their body or the bodies of one's precious developing children and other loved ones, but it digests terribly. And it is not fun to have that happen when you are trying to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. I am super excited to try this out! Thank you! Also thank you so much for the links to other info. like the mixers, I had no idea you could get one for so cheap! I mix everything by hand but often wonder how much easier it would be and how much better the recipe would turn out if I had one. Thanks again! :)

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