Hi Fruigivores,

I've recently had to move back in with my parents after the beginnings of a divorce and one of the first things my dad asked me was: "Are you still vegan?" My soon-to-be ex-husband opened my eyes to the cruelty and exploitation of animals, and for that, I will always be grateful. And while my parents were never directly-rude about it, it seemed clear that it was an inconvenience to them. For a little background: I am a very good cook and could whip up some mean Italian food, sushi, homemade Chinese takeout etc. Like I am sure many of you could, I would make an entirely vegan Thanksgiving meal, minus the store-bought faux (delicious but of course highly processed) turkey. My family still brought their own food, including a giant dead bird carcass into our home. 

That "are you still vegan?" comment hurt, not only because it revealed that my personal decision has been perceived as something completely tied to my previous partner, but it was a blatant declaration of annoyance towards my lifestyle. Now that I live with my parents and am on rawtill4 -something even more "radical" - it seems that there has been an increase of a silent judgement: getting the loud blender out twice a day; often eating the same meal for dinner despite it being healthy; having "large" quantities of just fruit; grabbing my dates to soak them in water overnight and leaving them on the counter; and finally, being directly chastised about the "too much sugar" mythos.

I did not cook tonight, depriving my body of the nutrients, carbs, and calories it needs to thrive just because I knew there would be opinions about my delicious fries and lettuce. Have any of you experienced this before? Maybe to the point of depriving yourself as I did out of embarrassment when it should be the other way around? If so or if not, I would love to hear advice on cohabitating with non-vegans.



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