Wax on Apples and Powder on Oranges?

I've been trying to eat more apples and oranges, to cut down on prices...but the apples all seem to have waxy carnauba or other coatings, while the oranges and grapefruit have some sort of powder that's white and makes me itchy!


Unfortunately this is true for ORGANIC apples and oranges, as well. :( The wax on the apples really makes them taste so crappy, not sure what to do. What IS this stuff?!


Thanks, everyone.

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  • the wax on oranges contains a known allergen and that's why there's usually allergen advice on the ones that are sold in pre-packed bags, atleast in SWE and AU. they don't do that on the loose weight ones for some reason, not good obviously.
    that wax is there working as a fungicide i think becuase they want max shelflife it's sold for profit.

    Natural apples have wax as many other fruits have, but it's easy to see and feel the difference from the chem. coating.

    Try and find local growers of natural apples or jsut a neghbouring tree in summer and store them yourself over winter in a cold room (cellar type) then you don't have to buy the ones in the store.

    You can also plant seeds in suitable nature spots, there's many people foraging a lot of fruit from seeds they spread. this is a way you can access land without the money to buy land and cultivate it.
    Just becuase the banking elite collateralized/securitized most land does not mean that we as living natural humamns don't have the right to natural food (not thecrap in the store). We do have the right!
    Spread the seeds, one apple can give you enough seeds for a forest glade full of fruit trees, natures way is by multiplication!

  • it's some kind of carnuba or beesswax they put, i don't like it either, and the bananas they all gas, even organic and other tropical fruit sold in most countries not in the tropikz.  best thing is to get food that is pure and veganik grown if u can find it from the farms themselves or growers and not supermarkets cause tey ren't even farmed vegan either.

  • I really don't know... Probably some kind of preservative... Fortunately, I don't get such things where I live. I really don't know what to suggest you, except move! move to somewhere you can find proper fruit! but I also realise this is not allways that simple... so, i am bit at a loss as to what to suggest... perhaps you should try to wash those fruit? rinse them? maybe you should simply stay away from fruits that don't appeal to you... can you still get enough variety in this way?
    • There won't be enough variety, because of my budget...if I don't eat those fruits. :( :/


      This is from places like Whole Foods, natural small stores, etc. I'm not sure how to move to change that, but where do you  live? :) Plus, moving does take finances I won't have for a while.


      I can't seem to get it off, but when I do think the wax on the apples and pesticides on the oranges is minimal or not there, the taste still seems to be very bad--I can basically taste it after peeling, which is very gross. Thanks so much for your suggestions, though.

      • "There won't be enough variety, because of my budget...if I don't eat those fruits. :( :/"

        A real pity you don't live in my town... because i am an organic fruit and vegetable dealer, and if you happened to live nearby, i could give you as many fruits and vegetables as you need and desire and i would charge only whatever you could pay, even if it is much less than the regular price.

        "where do you live?"

        I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. If you wanna come, be my guest!
        • I want to come! ha. :: wishful thinking:: 

      • bummer, at least report it to whole foods and the farms or companies if you can find them, let them know you don't like it and will buy from those who don't use such stuff if you have a choice.

        I just wash my organic oranges with dish soap and warm water and try not to get the wax and stuff on my hands and mouth.  I really try not to buy apples with wax or powder but if I do, I peel for sure.  

        A friend got a list recently of what may be put on organic produce, (from a local grocery store chain), after picking and of course it was very toxic stuff

        • "A friend got a list recently of what may be put on organic produce, (from a local grocery store chain), after picking and of course it was very toxic stuff"

          It is really a pity that they should put toxic stuff on organic produce... none of the fruits or vegetables i sell were poisoned, not before, nor during, nor after harvest.
        • Wow, thank you! :) Do you wash your apples with dish soap, as well? Do you find it eliminates the waxy pesticides, or would it just bleed through to the actual oranges or apples? I know apples, at least, have very porous skin!


          Very odd that the powder doesn't give anyone else allergic reactions, because it was pretty bad for me. Oh well!


          Would you be able to share the list? :) I'm wondering what they put on my food, and wish I could buy directly from farmers...but they probably spray stuff on it, anyways...Thanks!

          • If wax is on apples I will peel them, if they are so waxy that I will get wax all over my hands when peeling then I will wash with dish soap first.  I have had very good tasting waxed apples and not noticed any bad taste after peeling and I am very sensitive to chemicals so I do not think they are saturated enough to go through the skin.  I always let the grower, store or wholesale dealer know if I didn't like something on my food like wax or powder.

            I've asked him before but I don't think he has the list anymore or it's lost in enormous file pile land. ;)  It was a bunch of petro toxic yuck that you would not think would be allowed on organic food.  Your local grocery store chain might give you a list and then you can call your local news station for a cute little story that is controversial enough they will probably do it! :D

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