we want to live in the jungle with u

My husband and I are currently in Brazil. We have a month    here and after that we are travelling. We don't know where to go yet. We've been to Costa Rica, and we fell in love with it. Right now we're in a very developed area and it's weighing down on our souls, we want to leave this town asap. We want to plant fruit trees and live in the jungle, like I'm sure many of you already do. We were thinking we could do a workaway, but I felt it would be better to post here because I know for a fact we will find like minded people here. 
Give me a shout if you're down for a couple to come and live with you and in exchange we offer our planting and cleaning services <3 :)

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    • thank you so much <3

  • Joining for the search.

    i'm in ecuador, considering to continue onwards..

    • Where do you want to go? We were thinking Costa Rica or Ecuador

      • Personally I don't recommend ecuador. I'm looking to explore one of those:

        costa, mexico, nicaragua, brazil

        • what were your concerns with ecuador yotam? 

        • I would be so down to go go costa and nicaragua! 

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