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Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all well😊

I have been on raw till 4 for about 2 months now and noiced that my clothes are getting tighter. I've gained about 10-15 lbs (I am 5'3 and usually 115). I want to be clear that I am mainly doing this for health reasons and for the animals and planet. 

I did damage my metabolism (I believe, I have no proof) by extended water fasting and juice fasting over the past few years. I do feel fantastic but would love to fit in my clothes. I run 7km per day, 100 squats and 5 pushups.

I understand I am on a healing journey but what are some typical timelines? How long should I expect to see some weight loss? Are there any suggestions? Should I go completely raw as opposed to raw till 4? (the only cooked I am eating are sweet potatoes and organic corn pasta with watered down sauce to keep the salt down)

Thanks so much for your help and support! I greatly appreciate this site and all it has to offer😊

Warmly, Robin

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  • Gaining the weight is super scary but there are 1000s of testimonials showing that the body will find a balance and release the weight - trust yourself!  If it is for health, then stay the course and don't think of it as a "diet." Raw is great but getting in starches (carbs) at dinner is totally fine for your body too. Also, all of the food is naturally low in fat and falls under 600 calories per pound so you just eat more fruits and vegetables on raw to get to 2000 - 2200+ calories per day. 

    • Thank you so much for your reply. I am loving the lifestyle.  I won't let a little weight gain discourage me😊


      • That is great! I was afraid you may have disappeared after not hearing from others for a few months. This site doesn't seem very active but I love the hope and freedom too. I can't stand intermittent fasting or restriction which I have done for years. I do believe this is the better way of life.



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