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The Cause of Menstrual Cramps:

When the ovary releases an unfertilized egg, the body produces a hormone called “prostaglandin,”  which helps the uterus muscles contract and shed the old lining. Running through the uterus muscles are tiny blood vessels, when those muscles contract, it’s much harder for oxygen to get through, which starves the muscles of oxygen, causing pain.

The pain is caused by oxygen starved muscles… interesting. So basically any woman that experiences cramps, which in my experience, is every woman who has her period, does not have good blood oxygenation. Then it would make sense that switching to a low fat diet can lesson cramps, and a fruit based diet can eliminate them because of the increased blood and oxygen flow. High fat diets cause poor circulation and blood floor, since the standard american diet is around 40%, it wouldn’t help for sure. Given all sorts of other dietary factors in the SAD, it makes sense that it is “normal” for woman to experience pain every month, but it is not healthy.

 Bleeding is a Powerful Detoxification Tool:

The menstrual cycle is also a very powerful form of detoxification that males do not have, we are bombarded with toxins every day. These toxins come in our foods, through man made chemicals, such as mono-sodium glutimate, or chemicals that naturally occur when food is cooked, such as acrylamide (created when food “browns”.) Because our bodies are not adapted to the mass amount of chemicals coming in (nor will they ever be), it has to utilize every part of the body to try to eliminate the toxic waste. Through skin, mucus, ear wax, urine, bowls, stored  in toxic fat cells, and eliminating it through menstrual blood monthly.
Many mammals can reabsorb their lining, but I believe since ours is filled with too many toxins, we have to eliminate it, and that’s what causes the bleeding. However, I’m not too sure about this last part, please correct me if I am wrong.

How to Eliminate Painful Menstrual Cramps and Reduce Heavy Bleeding :

So now that we’ve learned the actual pain comes from an oxygen starved muscle during contractions  we can look at options that increase oxygen flow. Going on a low fat raw vegan diet, will almost surely get rid of the cramps as the blood will be much more easily oxygenated, toxins coming from food will be minimal as well, so bleeding will be reduced, as our bodies do not need to detoxify as much. I personally eliminated ALL of my cramps and my period is only 3 days, when the bleeding is very minimal. This does not mean I am not ovulating, I still am. Stopping your period or dramatically reducing bleeding is not unhealthy if you are still ovulating. In fact  it is a very good thing! Mammals in nature do not bleed for a very good reason, as it attracts their natural predators and depletes nutrient reserves.  If you would like to learn more, I have written about the science behind a low fat raw vegan diet.

I highly highly recommend using a Menstral Cup instead of a tampon or pad. I’ve been using one for 3 years and absolutely adore it. They are made of grade A silicone and can be reused. A lot of females have problems with those nasty bleached paper products and can cause irritation, so this is a great alternative.

What are your thoughts, ideas, anything you’d like to add? Leave a comment.

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  • Hi Heather, :)

    I'm a fellow user of the Diva Cup. I could NEVER use a tampon and was skeptic at first when I saw these alternatives because the thought of shoving anything in my V was daunting to me even though I wanted to do something more environmentally friendly. But I was proven wrong and can't recommend it enough to the women and girls out there. :)

    I got my period again after 2 months of 80/10/10 after having amenorrhea (abscence of menstruation) for 11 years (from previous dieting, anorexia, and undereating). I hope it also helps bring my bone density back to where it should be. Unfortunately I still do get menstrual cramps before and/or after the period and am not sure if or when it goes away.

    Nevertheless I'm happy to hear you're free of pain. :)

  • Very good post Heather!

    • +1

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