What does 2000 Calories Look Like?

I made this video to visually show people how much we really do need to eat on a frutarian-based vegan diet. Especially someone who's first starting, they might only eat a couple pieces of fruit a day and then wonder why they binged...



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  • noticed you had a video of raw vegan potluck with rare fruit tasting, when/where was this?  i live like 30 minutes away, couple towns away from Nashua

    • Oh cool! This was in Derry New Hampshire at Central congregational church. It was held like two weeks ago. I'm planning on hosting another and going wild blackberry picking on the 26th of July. 

      • Awesome video, thank you Heather!

        • Glad you enjoyed David!

  • You are so lovely! I'm just watching all your other videos now. Keep up the awesome vids lady - you shine! <3

    • Thanks Kelly! :) People like you make me want to keep producing videos! 

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