I've been fully raw for about three weeks now, lost about 5 pounds so far, almost all of it in the first 10 days or so. Since then, my weight has been almost the same every day. My goal is to lost another 10-12 pounds. I don't see any other change in my body, I've some belly fat to lose too.

The one that is most concerning to me is my blood sugar level. It has been erratic and still high. I ate some avocadoes and nuts in the first week (didn't know better), but after that, I have had no nuts, avocadoes, seeds, oils etc.

I understand decades of bad eating habits can't be negated in a few days or even a few months. Still, I am curious what has been the experience of others who are trying raw, especially in the first few weeks of your journey?

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  • When I first went Raw, my weight went down 15 pounds.  And I wasn't even fat. It would've been water weight.

    I never measured my blood sugar.

    I had a lot of weird detox symptoms.  Unexplained pains, a metalic taste in my mouth that lasted a few weeks.  Now it's years later, and I seem to be healing an arm injury from 1985, because it's been stiff for 2 weeks.  I think this was brought on because I've been doing Intermittant fasting (going 14-17 hours w/o food overnight)

  • high sugar levels are expected, but you eat mostly carbohydrates. Keep your attention on supplements that include Chromium, сranberry or d-mannose. I've used wellabs pills for some time now to help keep blood sugar levels in check. This supplement contains reasonable amounts of many of these, and I believe it's been keeping me much heaithier than I'd be otherwise.

  • I'm having the same weight experience as you. Also share  the same weight loss goals.  Not sure about my blood sugar levels, but I feel fantastic. I think it just takes time for your body to acclimate. From what I'm learning proper food combining, eating less fat, and exercise is very important. I have been doing hour long cardio and sculpt classes 5 times a week. Going to amp it up a little bit with running sprints and weight lifting to see if that speeds things up. I think that logging your meals here on the forum also helps. And reading what other people are eating is good inspiration. 

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm beginning to exercise now, didn't want to make too many changes all at once (I went 100% raw overnight). I started reading a bit about food combining, then I thought, if I eat just one or two foods at a time, then I don't have to worry about it! I am lazy, I guess :)

      Another thing I noticed is I drink way less water, like a LOT less than before. It makes sense now that the body gets water from fruits and cucumbers. I like this part!

      I'm trying in this order : get used to fruits (very easy), cut out fats (easy), get used to greens (not so easy), sleep better (still a struggle for me) and exercise. I wish I knew raw foodists in person, it would be good to keep each other on track and share notes! and maybe even buy fruits in bulk.


      • You're welcome. 

        Eating mono meals isn't lazy lol. I try to have atleast one a day. 

        Same here with the water drinking. I'm just not thursty from all the high water content fruits. But I do find myself drinking a lot of water in the middle of the night when I get up the 4 or 5 times to use the bathroom hahaha. 

        I see you are also in NYC. I found that  Trader Joes has the best prices near me in the village. They will let you buy fruit by the case if you ask them. A case of 100-105 organic bananas are $25. They said it's best to go early in the morning so you can choose your own bananas. I haven't done it because I don't want to lug all those suckers down the street and up 4 flights of stairs. I think you can also order bulk from Fresh Direct. But then you don't get to hand pick your fruits. 

        • I am actually experiencing the opposite - since I drink a lot less water, I don't get up in the middle of the night to pee like before! 

          Another nice side effect of eating raw - less packaging and waste! 

          I am really liking this lifestyle so far. I hope I don't fall off the wagon. That is my biggest worry.

          Have you tried the China town area? I've seen some fruits there that I haven't seen anywhere else, and they are much cheaper than going to Whole Foods

          • Eating all this fruit doesn't make you pee? I am peeing ALL THE TIME, LOL. 

            I will check out Chinatown. I am never satisfied with Whole Foods fruits. I find Trader Joes has better quality for lower prices. 

            • I used to eat lots of junk food, lots of salt and sugar. Which also means drinking tons of water too, made me thirsty all the time.

              Now I don't feel thirsty at all. I suppose I'm getting the needed water from fruits.

              Are you juicing a lot? I'm trying to keep juicing to a minimum.

              Yes, please check out China Town. They got crazy prices and fruits that you don't usually get elsewhere.

              • No, I'm not juicing. I do drink a giant smoothie every day, like 70 ounces or whatever filled to the brim of the vitamix is. 

                Maybe Chinatown will have a good price on yellow dragon fruits. 

          • I lived in NYC and at the end of canal street under the bridge you can find great deals on fruit, the first fruit vendor you come to under the bridge has the best prices, they are usually there on a Friday and Saturday, i would buy a whole box of bananas at a time, there is also the main fruit market , i forget where it is Bronx or Queens i think and then you really get the best prices, peace , love and fruit!

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