• If you can get your hands on some raw organic nori sheets to make sushi, I substitute the rice with sprouts (alfalfa or a mix is nice consistancy) and put in my raw fruti or veg. Cucumber, Mango, Carrot, bell Pepper or even young jackfruit (I make a jackfruit "crab" filling sometimes with a sunflower seed butter based sauce that resembles the taste of mayo.. with a touch of lemon, vinager and salt and a pinch of black salt if you like). A nice Tamarind Tariyaki sauce is so nice with this. <3

    • You can also mash up some avocado with some lemon and apple cider vinager and salt if you want to stray from a raw seed butter. 

  • -Big salad with tons of herbs to scratch the savory itch (fresh basil, cilantro). 
    -LFRV Gazpacho (tomato, cuke, bell pepper, bit of onion, maybe a dash of avo or EVOO, lemon or vinegar or pepper depending on your dietary allowance)

    -zoodles with sun dried + fresh tomato marinara and torn fresh basil

    -Thai green papaya salad

    -Fruit for dessert


    • I love doing Zoodles with a raw pumpkin seed pesto with fresh basil and cilantro. so yummo. 

    • Yummo


  • I usually opt for fruiting vegetables with some leafy greens or something like raw vegan apple pie or raw vegan cookie dough.

  • i find that a big banana smoothie with some sort if berries is good for dinner. i cant get full enough on salads, so i usually have that for an evening snack. 

  • fruit and a couple heads of lettuce free ebook

  • I have a nice big salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and a piece of torn up raw seaweed with an orange juice based dressing or blended tomato and mango dressing :) 

    And I'll have dates later on if I feel like it :D <3  

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