What's your favorite fruit combo?

So, I have discovered that a big bowl of cantaloupe, bananas, & dates is my favorite thing right now! Sometimes I like to throw in a little kiwi or strawberry to mix it up. This combination just seems to melt in your mouth, or at least to me it does. I've been munching on this combo all day. Putting together a bowl of fruit allows so much creativity, though.  Just wondering: what are your favorite combos?

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  • Peaches and bananas!! sooo yummy :)
  • melons and berries are all i need in life
  • I was going to write in cantaloupe and banana thinking I was so original!  Isn't it the best?!  I'll have to try the combo with dates added.  Mmm...!
    • Yes, they are the best. You HAVE got to try it with the dates, though, adds a whole extra level of deliciousness. :)
  • bananas ad dates <3 <3
    • Yes, bananas & dates taste like heaven. They are definitely 2 of my ultimate favorite fruits!
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