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I've been thinking about what's next for me. I knew buying land was a must, but I didn't realize I could purchase a plot in network with an intentional community/ecovillage. That seems like the dream- your own plot to create your home & food forest, with the comfort of being part of a community that has similar values. Just wondering if anyone has visited these types of communities before? I've been looking into Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven in Ecuador, and poking around on ic.org to try to find others in Central or South America. Even if you haven't been, do you know of any other communities like this (food forest/permaculture vision, raw vegan/frugivore)? 

I am planning on doing some traveling & visiting next year, with the hope that we can still travel without vaccination and/or testing.

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  • Did visit terra frutis base some years ago and it's located in a great area and you can buy shares so that you have some certainty and some private space also. Personally I think this is the way forward since humans are quite territorial and communities change so if you have nothing on paper it could be difficult later on. Maybe in the far future humans will be able to live in great peace :D
    TF and FH have a lot of knowlage and so on so this way your not all alone which can be hard at first with all new challenges thrown at you. TF or FH is probobly a good first step to expereince tropical food forestry life and gain some knowlage.

    Permaculture as was taught by Bill M and his followers is not animal friendly but has basis in humanitarianism as an ethical design method or manual. Rasta farai inspired communities are in theory friendly towards animals and humanitarian (atleast the ones that do not promote black supremacy).
    Food forestry is both humanitarian and animal friendly as it protects our basic right to food, water and shelter. And wild free animals can come and go as they wish (if not exclusion fencing is erected which is neeed to protect from wild pig damage in some areas where they where introduced for wild hunting).

    Food forestry as practiced in SE asia and also Central america (The Milpa cycle without slash and burn) is permanent, so try and find a food forest community over a "permaculture" community or simply buy land in an area where there are lot's of food forests since the knowlage and people will be there even thouh not in an organised manner. Where we live there are lot's of food forests and orchards (which are very different setups) so lot's of similar minded people around but no intentional community.

    If they don't let you on the airplane without injection papers then there is always the option of sailing as our ancesters did, the wind moves us for free if we set sail.

    Have a sweet day!


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