it's nearly time for the 30 day frugivore challenge! it's good to get clear about why you are doing this and write it down to help your conviction. please share here what motivated you to want to eat a raw food diet. what health challenges do you want to heal? what inspired you? etc 

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  • I woke up this morning SO excited! I believe in the power of raw foods and I know that I will feel amazing soon. Cooked vegan just isn't enough to live my life optimally. This challenge will help me to not only shed physical weight,  but emotional baggage too. This challenge means digging deep and knowing that I have the ability to change. I have been going through my Freelee books and have a shopping list ready to go. I can't wait to go shopping in a bit. Best of wishes to everyone ❤ 

  • I have problems with depression, lethargy, and lately, pretty bad heart palpatations to the point I think I might be having a heart attack. I am not sure what my cholesterol or bp is, although usually my bp is very low. In the past, I healed my underactive thyroid by following a high raw, mostly fruit diet. I have done a 100% raw diet many times in the past and always feel great and get so much more done. Now that I am afraid of dying of a heart attack, I plan to stick to this forever. My adult son is also dealing with severe depression, and although he is vegetarian, he has never done raw. I hope to be a role model for him and an inspiration, and as I find more joy in life, I hope I can inspire him to fine more joy and reasons to live also. 

  • im really enjoying this thread! inspiring :) keep sharing!

  • Because i have had enough of being in a zombie like state all the time after eating cooked foods, I want the raw benefits and dont want to numb myself anymore. 

    Thanks for doing the challenge Freelee :)

    • Oh yeah...that cooked food hangover is nasty when you know the difference! Most people probs think it's normal to feel like that cos they have never eaten raw for any length of time :'( 

      • For sure they don't realise that you don't have to get that sleepy feeling after a big meal, but also eating raw is extreme and crazy to most people hehe

        I really wanna stay fully raw after seeing the raw til 4 benefits :)


        • For me nowadays if I try to have a mostly cooked meal the headache starts before I have even finished eating and my throat swells and hurts to swallow. Next morning feels like I have a hangover...simply not worth it! I don't bother trying anymore...I can get away with the tiniest amounts of some unraw things if mixed in with loads of raw but as for a fully cooked meal...can't see it ever happening again. 

          You will notice these things too if you give raw a decent amount of time and then try to go's a learning curve that's for sure! 

          Good luck from Australia mate! <3 

          • Its amazing how our body adapts isnt it! and how now cooked food effects you like that. I look forward to getting to this stage :)

            Thank you!

  • I've been vegan for 7 years now and always dabbled with going raw on and off. I have to admit, I crave rice and potatoes so that has always been my downfall with sticking to a full raw lifestyle. HOWEVER, I cannot deny the amazing benefits of going raw: my acne (which has always been present since I was 12) goes away, my entire skin clears up, I feel energized, I wake up ready to gooooo, I'm a happier person and treat others kinder, and it feels like an extra step for the animals because I avoid so much waste, packaging, cans and pollution. 

    These are all my motivators as I move forward with raw on the 1st with y'all. I look forward to being part of this community and am inspired by everyone here!! Goodbye a fucking awful 2020 and hello to clear skin, energy, better digestion, better sleep, and less pollution for the animals and critters of the world. 

  • Hi everyone!  I was a member on 30bad years ago.  I came to 30bad and now here due to poor digestion that never improved.  I was raw for a few years and continues to gain weight.  I dabbled in cooked vegan, more of a mcdougall approach and I gained even more weight.  I have spent years trying to find my way back.  Ironically yesterday, I just bought lots of fruit in attempt to be raw vegan again.  And today, I see people posting on this site!!  I am looking for support since not many people in my community are vegan, let alone raw vegan.  I want to feel good again.  I will be honest, I also want to lose this bloat and weight I am still carrying around!  Thank you for bringing this site back to life! 

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