Why Do I Have Problems With Dates....:O!

So let's talk yummy fresh dates. Yes, those, goddammit. I don't WANT to have any problems with them! ;P


So, why is it that no matter how many dates I eat, even to the point of being PAST hungry to uncomfortable and just waiting to be sick (umm...8 lbs., yes seriously?! and with enough water to get to peeing clearly...again, yes, seriously...), I still "crave" (in disgust at the thought, even, lol, of eating cooked--or much more--food) cooked food? Or, any food? I've always noticed in the past that dates seemed to make me less hungry, but more...craving things...? Noticing good smells more...? It's weird. This doesn't happen ever with dried dates, either. Or didn't when I could eat them, but the taste is just atrocious to me now. And I could eat fewer dried dates....like 1 lb. Is it because there really aren't as many nutrients in dates...? Less fat?  I'm not craving ANY fatty foods at all...but just other foods...ANY other foods...nothing specific...it's very weird, because I usually ALWAYS crave specific things, gah! :O


Also, I don't WANT any more dates. But, citrus fruits? Any other fruits? And healthy cooked grains or damn horrid to my system cooked foods that are still healthy and low fat....very low fat at that...? I just don't get why! :(

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  • I have this EXACT same issue.. except I start craving salt/fat like CRAZY.. really makes me want to not eat dates :( I posted about this the other day.. I know your post is old but I am so glad it is not just me. SO glad...this is not in my head! 

    • Hey Spunky, thanks for replying to my post! :) I think a lot of people still have this issue, and I may have discovered the reason for it--which is great, because I feel like crap after eating cooked foods, lol.

      It's just an idea, but could it be because of a lower nutrient content in dates? I'm aware that they contain quite a bit of nutrition, but based on nutrients per calorie, most other fruits seem to be superior. I may be wrong on this count, but this is the impression I'm getting. I find that when I get these weird cravings, it's because of something missing, normally some nutrient or vitamin or mineral, fat, etc. Nonspecific cravings just indicate to me that I'm missing something and need to make it up from a source I can't determine psychologically. ;P

    • Thanks Dates FTW, I tried eating heaps of all sorts of greens before...and I did crave them, I crave them a lot after dates, but the cravings just got worse and more diverse the more dates I ate. When I go past 2 lbs. of dates, I just don't want greens anymore at all. When I eat 0.5 lbs. to 2 lbs. of dates, I do crave specifically greens *and* nonspecifically other things. It makes me think I do need nutrients...but a lot of varied nutrients! That is just so weird to me, as I've never had this happen ever after any monomeals, wow. I've ALWAYS known what I was craving specifically on this diet, and this situation is very much enough to put me way off of dates. :/ :O
  • I'm thinking it might be that you need more sodium, as you might have use to eat all kinds of cooked food with salt, so your body is just telling you to go for the sodium. Try eating a lot more celery on a daily basis and see if that helps.
    • Thanks Robert and Kate! :) I do think I definitely need to eat more greens on a daily basis...and I do crave them a LOT more (x10) when I eat dates. :) However, interestingly enough, I don't seem to crave anything salty at all, quite the opposite. But I do seem to be going for higher protein foods like beans or grains. I'll make some yummy green smoothies and dateorade!
    • I too think it must be insufficient greens - try lots of celery in your dateorade.  Or other yummy greens - spinach, chard, just lettuce and dates is delish.
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