Why was Durianrider Banned From Youtube?

Why was Durianrider Banned From Youtube? We don't know. Not even my agent at Maker Studios knows. No reply, no reason, no warning. Just GONE! Over 930 videos, 27 million views and 5 years of work. Hey, thats corporations for ya. Can't expect much 'human replies' from em.

Good news is that there is 6 new channels each featuring topics you want to learn more about. Here are the new channels. Feel free to share the link below around on your social media or to anyone that asks where I am. Hopefully this will clear up any confusion.


Above all, THANKS for all the continued support and lets fight the system that wants to keep the health truth from the masses.

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  • Harls, what's quickest way to scrape off a shoe?  

    Keep rollin' forward! :)

    Respect, brother

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