worried about weight even on LFRV

So, I have lost 10 lbs. on this lifestyle and reached my ultimate goal weight. However, sometimes my weight still does fluctuate a little and it really does my brain in sometimes. I came to this lifestyle because it really does make me feel my best and I want to be healthy, but I also came to it because, as someone with an eating disorder/body dysmorphic history, I loved the idea of being able to eat unlimited fruits & veggies without any guilt. Problem is, I still feel guilt sometimes if I eat too much food, even if it is all fruits & veggies and especially if I think I may have had too much avocado or raw tahini (my weaknesses!) Still, I make all my own food and always start my day with a fruit smoothie or melon and eat pretty well. I am getting ready to train to be a yoga instructor and go to yoga classes at least once or twice a week. I also walk everyday and work at a job where I'm on my feet all day so I'm fairly active. But I still worry about getting fat even though I've heard that it's impossible to get fat on this lifestyle. Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas?

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  • yeah i find myself obsessing out of control did i eat too much should i have eaten that did i eat enough should i exercise more etc.. I can end up putting the absolute weight of all the diet and fitness world on my shoulders. Then I start to dislike my routine and i realize its just the pressure from me thats maken it bad! so I force myself to cut that out and get back to just enjoyen what i eat and enjoyen my fitness routine its why i do both is for enjoyment. Yes a side effect is feeling good looking good being healthy. It should also be enjoyable.

    I tested the waters on this diet I heard its impossible to get fat too. I went days keeping calories low inched it up then even binged days on end. Always picking the right foods never gained. I might put on a lb or 2 then it just pours right back off.

    I envy you tho I'm still tryen to drop that last 10! haha

  • Oh, and I also do 75 crunches a day-forgot to put that in there.

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