Writing a recipe ebook, would like some feedback

Hey guys! I've started to dive into the world of making a recipe ebook, and it's been a lot of fun so far! I would like your opinion on something; Should I create a low-fat raw vegan holiday recipe ebook? Or... should I make a normal low-fat raw vegan recipe book, but with a holiday section?

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  • I think a holiday book would be FUN - both to read and write.

    I've even got a suggestion for a recipe: good ol' fashion sugarplums.  I did some research a while back and the original recipe could be replicated by using dates and some ground nuts (e.g. pistachios) and coconut for  the filling.  And what's nice about a candy like that is that it can be put into little paper cups, put into a holiday tin, and given as a pressie.

  • I'd say the former.  I'd buy your book!

    • What does that phrase mean? O:

      • Former means the prior, or first option. 

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