Yet another attempted security breach @ 30bad

Someone attempted minutes ago to make phoney posts under an account disguised as Freelee. The imposter has been banned. If anyone notices anything going on in the future, please notify one of the moderators immediately. Thank you.Some people unfortunately can't think of anything better to do with their lives.Sincerely,B

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  • haha Christy he's harmless, a lot of people get peeved when they don't make 811 work for them successfully or try it long enough...we don't take it personally, but it can be a little distracting sometimes as we are trying to assist people who come here with serious health concerns.
    Cook-a-holics :D
  • aww thanks Christy,i actually feel really sad for him,i do...
  • Just a little information for all account holders here and elsewhere on line. If someone's got a lower case "l" (for lamp) in their name, then it is very easy to substitute it with a capital "I" (for Ignes) without anyone noticing a difference. I've read stories how people got attacked by some pretenders pretending to be them on youtube. So beware.
    • oh haha nice one BB, won't be committing that one to memory
    • thanks Gosia, good info
    • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...silly people!
  • Really what did they say?
    • I just dont understand it :(
    • hey rainbow (I typed rainbox by accident lol), it was some pretty childish stuff around non-vegan eating habits and cooked food. If Free wants to share specifics I'll let her but otherwise I'll let the comments fall into obscurity where they belong.
This reply was deleted.