The CDC spokeswoman being quoted in most news articles is a chemical industry insider.

Zika is not what is causing birth defects but the pesticide being used in Brazil and elsewhere.  Zika is widespread in other countries with no birth defects.

This aerial spraying is devastating the bees which are already in trouble.

Please spread the word!!!

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  • WOW!  

    From a human perspective I just rolled my eyes when the first reports came out.  Every year they scare us with something...bird flu, swine flu

    And so the carnival barkers shout step right up...get your remedies here $ and $here.  

    *sorry not to make light of those who are suffering. 

    Peace, PK

    • I know, it's crazy!  If I could just avoid the "remedy", fine.  But they used these lies to get our tax money and then do aerial pesticide sprays which is killing us all!


    a group of Argentinean scientists have put forth a provocative argument: that a pesticide in Brazil’s drinking water is really to blame for the sudden explosion of a normally rare defect. RT’s Simone Del Rosario reports.
  • It is a hoax and  fake. I follow Mike Adams The Health Ranger. Here is what he has to say about this, and I believe him.

    • Thank you Barbie!  Great article! 

      "It's also very obvious why Zika is being blamed for the birth defects. The biotech industry is using Zika virus to cover up three science experiments that have gone bad (Tdap vaccines, insecticides, GM mosquitoes). In this way, nature can be blamed, more insecticides and vaccines can be sold, and more GM mosquitoes can be released. The public is taught to fear nature even more and stop reproducing."

      Learn more:

      I agree with this based on my years of learning about pesticides and insecticides and herbicides. These chemicals cause birth defects.  Bill Moyers did a great documentary called Kids And Chemicals that you can watch for free here:

      The only study done on kids and chemicals is documented in a film called The Children Of Yaqui Valley.  The film must be purchased or you can do an inter-library loan to watch it.  You can see in this link the difference in drawing from children exposed to these chemicals and those free from these poisons:

      Vaccines are pure medical fraud and cause harm to the immune system of every person or animal that gets one.  There is strong evidence they also reduce IQ with every shot.  And of course there is high risk of contamination of other diseases in every vaccine. For the best book on Vaccines [2013] >

  • I'm tired of not knowing what is correct and what's wrong. Yet, it takes a lot of energy and research. The best I can do is flip a coin. Remember leaded gasoline, DDT, cow's milk. All of them were deemed safe. Now we know they aren't, except milk. I've been asking people if they think cow's milk is healthy and 80% of them think so.

    I've put a lot of time and energy into why cow's milk is unhealthy, yet I can't research everything to exhaustion. If someone could please explain this Zika virus to me, that would be really helpful.

    Lead gasoline:


    Cow's milk

    • You must pick and choose how you spend your time but when you first stumble upon the lies that we grew up being told, well it leads to the discovery of another and another.  So it is normal to spend an enormous amount of time researching for the first few years.  What other option is there? ;)

      Zika does not case birth defects but the chemicals sprayed to kill mosquitoes do.  The companies do not want us to know they are killing us so they made up the Zika scare.  As a bonus the governments in collusion with the chemical companies try to use this as a reason to force vaccinate it's citizens. People with a low IQ and who are sick are easy to enslave, hence the push for vaccines. ;)

  • yeah just another big money maker! I was down in florida and they'd drive down the road spraying pesticides to kill off mosquitos i thought that cant be good to breathe in and what about all theo ther bugs ? or our soils etc...

    • No doubt!  It just goes against common sense!

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