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Acidic Fruit Limit?

Hey frugivores!

 Majorly blessed finding Freelee and the community here on this website. Been eating mostly raw for 2 week so far and am loving the benefits! More energy and my acne is almost all cleared. Not sure if this is the write place to ask que

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 There is a website called woomba and you can type in anything and it will paint you AI art artificial intelligence art 🎨 I don't know maybe it searches the Internet or something I don't know but it's really interesting and you can make your own

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Hi! New to group. I am 34 yo female. I quit smoking cigarettes a year and half ago after smoking for 20 years. I was on birth control for over 10 years (depo or pill) and got off that about 2 yrs ago. I developed melasma on my forehead a few years ba

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