Group for any members in the UK to meet and greet. We are tribe, so let's get together and big-up each other.
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  • 811'er here in Leeds, UK. Love to network & meet some carbed northerners :)

  • Anyone in Blackburn , Lancashire area for meet up ?

  • Anyone interested in a meet up near Bournemouth?! 

  • @ Hannah Jamilah,

    i really like Wholefoods in London :) lots of organic fruits and veggies, even young coconuts!! many raw vegan items such as kale chips ;)  

    for the restaurants : 

  • Anyone from London here? I am going to move there in late September/ October and I would love to meet up with some fellow vegans!!! And I think a potluck/ Picknick in a park would be a great idea? :)

  • Hello from Horsham, West Sussex.

  • Hi Everyone I live in London and Im always on the look out for the best fruit! It can be tough to get good prices on the tastiest fruits.

    I know some of you will have had the same issues so Ive created this group.

    It gives anyone who makes a great fruit find at a good price to buy a bulk and sell it on to people who want it. That way we can all get in on the best deals.

    Check it out

    Sweet Fruit Buy&Sell-London & UK
    Got sweet fruit? You Want to sell locally? Home grown crops any sweet fruits..Post on here so others can see and have the opportunity to buy from you…
  • Hello Fruities! :)

    Is there anyone around Preston area in Lancashire? Would like to meet up with similar lifestyle people. 

  • Any ladies needing some pretty vegan shoe sandals for the summer size 4/5 check out my ebay shop where I'm selling a brand new pair of heels 100% vegan! Perfect for summer! GREEN_LEAFY_GAEL is my seller name xx
  • Hey guys! Any fellow Sheffield folk out there? Feel like I'm the only one in the city on this lifestyle haha :)

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London Autumn Dessert Night October 14th

Hi Fruit Bats,Would love to celebrate the Autmn season by hosting a desserts night.  I will provide apple cider and a dessert.  Hoping to find some pumpkins and make a pie or cookies.Desserts can be raw or cooked.  If you can bring a dessert great, or a donation will allow me to create more!The location is in Dulwich on Wednesday the 16th around 6/7 pm.  Hope you can attend! 

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London 80/10/10 Supper Club Sunday 1st March

I've been vegan almost two years since reading Doug Graham's 80/10/10 and have recently completed T Colin Campbell's course in plant based nutrition. I'm very passionate about this lifestyle and thought what better way to meet like minded people than by hosting a supper club in my home preparing my favourite whole food dishes. Four courses100% vegan oil free, low fat - I'll try to keep it as close to 80/10/10 as possible predominantly rawpredominantly organicI'll have fresh juice and herbal…

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South East England :)

Hey everyone,I thought I'd put up a discussion for anyone in or around south-east England to comment on and get us all together. Maybe we could meet up for a friendly fruity get together at some point.I live in Hertfordshire and I am personally loving this lifestyle. I've never felt so contented and euphoric in my daily life, and I'd love to meet and chat with some people who understand how I feel.Like how funny is it buying billions of bananas at a time. Sometimes I say to the cashiers not to…

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