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  • Can anyone tell me where banana island is!?  >,<  I joined the group 'cause I am going on a banana diet to save money (it's the cheapest fruit around). At first it was hard to eat much more than a bunch of bananas. I find that I can eat them much faster as I get used to the idea that they don't take much chewing. At first my body was saying "nope, can't swallow yet your not done chewing" even though the bite was already mush.  ;p  Now I can eat 15-20 bananas in 1 hour which is a reasonable amount of time. I'm trying not to resort to smoothies so I can interact 1 on 1 with each banana. I've been at it for a month or two, and I still can't manage to buy enough bananas! Next shopping trip I'm planning for 30-40 a day for breakfast and lunch. Stopping at more than one store while shopping is a good idea, the more bananas you have to choose from, the better your banana supply.  ;)  Bananas were never too appealing to me, but now that I have experienced the power of the banana, the taste has grown on me. 30 bananas a day! I get it now!

  • @ Ashley, sorry for the late reply, hope everything went well for you! :)

    For future reference and for others, cocoa powder is one of the few unsupported "foods" on 30BaD, see why here.

    You might try cinnamon in your banana smoothie or mint drops or add lettuce or soaked dates with date water.  You might also try different thicknesses for your smoothie to see if you can find a consistency that works better.  One more thing to try is making a very watery smoothie and pouring it over a bowl of sliced bananas.   

  • Guys if I add cocoa powder to my banana smoothies on banana island is that ok? just plain banana smoothies make me gag. I know its a mental thing, I have really bad OCD and anything out of the norm for a texture I didn't grow up on (even fricken home made tomato soup) makes me gag

  • hey guys iv been attempting to do bananas island but i always break off around 1 pm :/ i have about 6 each smoothie though for lunch and breakfast i add dates or berries i seem to digest pretty okay. i always break either it be my concious or out with family and forgot to bring them :/ help! i need something to sprucen up more in the motivation part to stick to it!! also part of it is i only get del monte bananas sometimes i get organic chiquittas or dole but :/ most of the time to save money i buy del monte and freeze them for bananas ice creams i can possibly stick to it if i keep enough frozen bananas. but help! lol i need more recipes other than the same ones iv been using.

  • I have been on banana island now for 10 days.  My intent was to do it for 40 days but I am afraid I am not eating enough bananas.  I feel fine, the reason I am not eating enough is because they just aren't sounding good to me. It is 1pm here and I have only had 4 bananas today.  I average 8-10 per day so far.  The thought of eating another banana right now is not appealing at all, I'm not even hungry.  Any advice? I want to do this and I want to do it the healthy way.  Is this just a small phase I need to get through?  I am coming off a regular vegan diet.    

  • Who wants to go on banana island with me? I was thinking of doing it for a week, maybe more. But I'd be happy to accompany someone else who wants to do it for fewer days if that's all they would like to do!

    I'd just really like to have a buddy or a few that will help keep me accountable, and have someone else to encourage and feel encouraged by.

  • Tomorrow is day 1.......

    This is my second go at banana island.

    I like my bananas like I like my girls.... freckled

  • Wow!!!!! 18 days!! That's inspiring Fruity Annie!! 

    I'm loving having the bananas during the day, but want rice noodles and lettuce for dinner. the banana island way has had me bloated since day one. and before day one I was eating lots of veggies and other vegan goodness's! banana island is something else! LOL

  • I am currently on day 18 of my BI and I must say that I am LOVING it. I have so much energy and mental clarity that I feel like a completely different person. I have been a high carb mostly raw vegan for the past two years but I was still addicted to salt and other vegan condiments. This has completely reset my taste buds and I don't have any salt or cooked food cravings. I haven't lost any weight (except for water weight from too much salt) but I look leaner and more toned which is great for me since I am a personal trainer. I planned to go for a whole month until the 19th of September, but if my body feels like going for longer, then I will. 

    I eat about 20 bananas a day with lots of cos lettuce, celery and cucumbers to keep up the minerals.

    This is the best thing I have ever done!

  • you're absolutely right Cleo!! 

    I just needed to let that out!! ha ha ha... I love Freelee and all that she stands for! I know this lifestyle will pay off in the long run. Dealing with eating disorders in the past and weight fluctuating all my life, I'm done with the weight gain. But will learn to look at this small process with a positive heart :)


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How many is too many??

Hi guys.I am on my third BI now and am noticing that I am craving, and physically able to, consume almost twice the nanas per day that I did the first time around. I was averaging 20 and now I can easily put away 35. While I'm pretty full towards the end of each day I am not overly full.My info:I am female and quite small, 5'3" and 105 lbs.I am pretty active, run 6x a week, some strength training 3x a week, nothing crazyWhile on BI I have VERY regular eliminations. Like 10x a day probably.I…

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What should I expect??

So I'm starting banana island for the first time today and I don't know what to expect?? And how long do you suggest doing it for in order to get weigh loss results or results in general?

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Is there anyone on BI Living in China ?岛上有在中国的人吗:~)

hi,everyone .im from mainland of China,very new of this lifestyle, only have became vegan for 11days ,and second day on BI.In china, without VPN cant get through facebook ,youtube etc.unfortunately i dont have it now,so i cant watch lots freelee &durianrider's youtube to learning this lifestyle very well.i planning stay on BI for 30 days ,so looking for BUDDIES to encourage & help each other.also will be nice meeting other same lifestyle people who is living in China now ,male or female are…

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