I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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  • Hi Friends! I get the organic peanut butter powder from Costco, and I was wondering since peanuts are not classified as “nuts”...can you food combine them with any fruits or foods? Thanks.
    • Hi Stacy! I'm not sure that you should. I've used PB2 before but not with fruit. Hopefully you'll get an answer that can actually help ☺️
  • hola pessoal! komo vai?
    • 😊
  • Hi beautiful people! So excited to be around likeminded people. I have noticed I get every so often what I call the “acid lip.” We liquify our fruit meals half the day (just easier with my daughter). I usually will use a straw to consume, and I notice the irritation underneath my lip after so many days . I do juiced oranges about once a week and a pineapple mixed with a sub-acid fruit with it once a week or so. I notice it’s mainly with those two I get it, and then a day or so later it’s ok. Any tips to prevent?
    • Hello beautiful woman! :) It's the pineapple and citrus being unripe. Citrus must be super sweet with no sour taste whatsoever. Taste is the only way to judge citrus's ripeness. Pineapple is next to impossible to get ripe unless you live where it is grown. It should be all yellow when ripe. And neither of these ripen after being picked.
    • Thank you so much! Grace, love and peace beautiful woman!
  • Hi, everyone I haven't been able to buy the books for the 80/10/10 diet. How calories should I take in as an obese woman weighing 345 pounds? I don't get hardly any exercise. I want to start doing yoga as well as some Zumba. I can do these two things at home. I can only get bananas and apples in season right now where I live. I also buy frozen fruit for making smoothies. This all I can afford on my tight budget. I am new to the vegan community especially the raw vegan community.
    • Also you can eat raw omega 3 fats in abundance and still balance out your weight. Flax oil, flax seeds, avocados. Vegan medical Doctor Brooke Goldner is a great resource and explains how the omega 3 pathway works in her free classes. I have one of her videos on my page where she says 'calories in calories out is not even true'.
    • Hi! Welcome!! You can get the audio book version for free for 30 days on AUDIBLE. You can just cancel your membership before the last day.
      Otherwise, I would suggest you eat all the fruit ripe fruit you desire and stop when you're full. Don't overstuff yourself. Just eat and enjoy. You can also throw in a nice large salad at the end of the day . Again, eat as much as you want. We don't count calories. Just make sure you're eating enough.
      Hope some of this is helpful ☺️
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New and need help

I read Raw til 4 and decided to give it a try. I am about 6 weeks in and decided to check my fasting blood sugar this morning after a 12 hour fast. My blood sugar was high for me with a reading of 135. I did my 1,000 calorie morning banana smoothie and 3 hours later my blood sugar was still 150.  Do i just keep going or is this diet have too much sugar for me. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Tummy Troubles!!

Hi y'all!I've been high carb vegan for about a year and a half now, and I was vegetarian for 6 years prior. I have always had digestion problems and I came to this lifestyle seeking relief. At first things seemed better once I cut out eggs (I've never been able to eat much dairy). Now, for at least the past 4 months my stomach is in constant pain. Every time I eat I will have to find a bathroom within 20 minutes, and my intestines will start to cramp up terribly. I also struggle with yeast…

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