I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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  • Hello Fruitarians, In 2023, I will be traveling to Ecuador, ( the Northern and Central Highlands as well as Quito) and I was wondering if anyone has been to Ecuador or if anyone has advice on camping in the ecological reserves in those areas.
  • Hi Frugivores, I am so happy to be here. My dream is to live on my own orchard and I was looking for advice for maintaining fruit trees in the Mediterranean climate. I have some experience with grape vines but not with fruit trees.
  • Hey, frugivores - are any of you in your 50s and just starting? I'm 56 and have been calorie-restricted since the third grade and just got caught up in intermittent fasting. I want freedom from it all and especially my obesity! I believe this is the better way... Let me hear your success stories!
  • Anybody trying to do RT4 with me? 30 day transitional challenge. High carb. Looking for a buddy.
  • is anyone else here familiar with veganic permaculture and animal friendly compost and overall? if so please email me.
  • Hello everyone! I have been vegetarian for 13 years and two weeks ago I started eating mostly fruits and some salads and I am already feeling amazing! Never thought I could be so full of energy and have a good mood. As a newbie I would really need some tips to go on and transition to a fully fruitarian diet. Yesterday evening I slipped and ate bread and cookies, and today I feel awful, I am sore everywhere and bloated. What should I do? Should I fast today to expell all the mucus? I already went for a long run in the morning hoping to feel better but it didn't work. Thank you and have a great day!
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New and need help

I read Raw til 4 and decided to give it a try. I am about 6 weeks in and decided to check my fasting blood sugar this morning after a 12 hour fast. My blood sugar was high for me with a reading of 135. I did my 1,000 calorie morning banana smoothie and 3 hours later my blood sugar was still 150.  Do i just keep going or is this diet have too much sugar for me. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Tummy Troubles!!

Hi y'all!I've been high carb vegan for about a year and a half now, and I was vegetarian for 6 years prior. I have always had digestion problems and I came to this lifestyle seeking relief. At first things seemed better once I cut out eggs (I've never been able to eat much dairy). Now, for at least the past 4 months my stomach is in constant pain. Every time I eat I will have to find a bathroom within 20 minutes, and my intestines will start to cramp up terribly. I also struggle with yeast…

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