I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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  • Hey guys! New to the group here, been vegan since 2015. Starting to add more fruit to my diet and going down the raw till 4 path. Here to make more connections, friends, and to learn everything I can! :)
  • P.S. I look SO forward to eating more of these bananas (I got them at the market for $1/bag. That's right. Here in NYC, USA! What a deal huh?! & the best part - they're ripe the way that I like!)

  • So, I just wanted to share an experience I just had. So, hi everyone, I'm Houdini. I'm transitioning from a meat-based, western diet to a fruit-based one. I have a past history with transitioning in the past, so I feel this time, it'll be for good, for sure. So, here's what happened. Last night, I went to the fruit market. I wanted to get yellow plantains but they weren't ripe yet, so I bought two bags of bananas instead. I ate them hesitantly. However, I ate a whole bag full. It wasn't fun. Lol. Well, this afternoon, I got hungry and I felt like eating more bananas, so I went and grabbed another bag. I ate it this time and it was enjoyable. It was a complete change/difference from yesterday! Every banana was just so delicious to me. It was a pleasure this time instead of a chore. My stomach feels lighter, my voice stronger. I'm just so happy lol. And in between last night and today, I ate cooked organic noodles and tempeh with sea salt and dill weed, turmeric and dried onions. It was delish! Anyways, thanks for reading guys and for being here!

  • Hey there beauties ,please friend me ❤️❤️❤️
    • Hi, glad to know there is another person from Johannesburg on this site.
  • Hi guys, I'm new in this journey and I need your help. I use to be on raw vegan diet few years ago for a 6 months and I felt amazing. Then I came to America and since my lifestyle changed I went back on vegeterian (I don't eat meat in last 6 years). So when I first came here I saw that my body is changing. I was swollen and I gained a lot of weight(more water than fat tho). And then after one year in USA I figure out that I actually have gluten allergy. I want to be vegan because I feel amazing when I follow this lifestyle and I just need your support how to get over the crisis. Like what should I do when my body is craving junk food. Is there somebody from NYC so I can hang out with and talk about transition in person? 

    • Ditch the dairy, eat more fruit! I drink a smoothie every morning and night. Once you incorporate more fruit you will lose those junk cravings
  • Unfortunately I havent been able to smell in the last 4 or 5 days.  Is it possible to eyeball it?

  • if they smell like alcohol they are too ripe.

  • How can I determine if my bananas are too ripe?

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Consuming food is taking me so much time

Hey there,I feel the best consuming fruit but I find that I need to eat soooo much of it to feel satisfied. I wanna be raw vegan but right now I just feel like it's unsustainable if I need to keep eating 24/7 for the rest of my life. Can anyone help me with this dilemma, or does anyone have any tips I could use? :)

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New and need help

I read Raw til 4 and decided to give it a try. I am about 6 weeks in and decided to check my fasting blood sugar this morning after a 12 hour fast. My blood sugar was high for me with a reading of 135. I did my 1,000 calorie morning banana smoothie and 3 hours later my blood sugar was still 150.  Do i just keep going or is this diet have too much sugar for me. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Tummy Troubles!!

Hi y'all!I've been high carb vegan for about a year and a half now, and I was vegetarian for 6 years prior. I have always had digestion problems and I came to this lifestyle seeking relief. At first things seemed better once I cut out eggs (I've never been able to eat much dairy). Now, for at least the past 4 months my stomach is in constant pain. Every time I eat I will have to find a bathroom within 20 minutes, and my intestines will start to cramp up terribly. I also struggle with yeast…

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