I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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  • Hey, frugivores - are any of you in your 50s and just starting? I'm 56 and have been calorie-restricted since the third grade and just got caught up in intermittent fasting. I want freedom from it all and especially my obesity! I believe this is the better way... Let me hear your success stories!
  • Anybody trying to do RT4 with me? 30 day transitional challenge. High carb. Looking for a buddy.
  • is anyone else here familiar with veganic permaculture and animal friendly compost and overall? if so please email me.
  • Hello everyone! I have been vegetarian for 13 years and two weeks ago I started eating mostly fruits and some salads and I am already feeling amazing! Never thought I could be so full of energy and have a good mood. As a newbie I would really need some tips to go on and transition to a fully fruitarian diet. Yesterday evening I slipped and ate bread and cookies, and today I feel awful, I am sore everywhere and bloated. What should I do? Should I fast today to expell all the mucus? I already went for a long run in the morning hoping to feel better but it didn't work. Thank you and have a great day!
    • Hi Veronica, this sounds a lot like me. Just be kind to yourself as long as the bread and cookies were vegan, it's not the end of the world, only a little speed bump. When this happens to me and I'm sick and bloated the next day, I wake up not hungry and I will not eat until the bad feeling goes away (only water or warm herbal tea).
      When I feel better, I'll have a green smoothie, fruit or nice cream. But pack that blender with greens, blend then add all the fruits you like. I hope this helps, I'm here for motivation too. Feel better ☺️
      P.s. remember how sick the processed foods make you feel and it will be easier to avoid them in the future*
  • Hey how are we all?
    Just a few Qs. My naturopath wants me to start reducing my fruit intake and adding veggies. Im not a mad salad fan. Ill eat it but im a frugivore. She believes i only want fruit because i have an imbalancement of bacteria in my gut and thinks the fruit will spike my blood sugar. How can i go about this? Do i need to snack more? As im in ED recovery and suffer from bloating and gas due to bacteria imbalancement from the ED. Thankyou!
    • For a great opinion from a true naturopath please check out Dr.Robert Morse on Youtube. I also prefer fruit to salads, we are inherintly frugivores. Are you eating ripe fruit and are you having fruit before greens or cooked food?
    • Thankyou ill check him out! Ive heard hes good! This is great to know! Ive noticed a massive change since eating spotty bananas. I also really enjoy smoothie bowls with banana blueberries and strawberries. These are usually my breakfast and soemtimes lunch too. Yeo making sure fruit is first
    • Bonjour Kalli

      Bien merci. Je veux juste dire que l'alimentation frugivore = ras vegan et plus particulièrement fruits et feuilles sauvages
      Et que nous devrions dire fruitarien si que les fruits. Après dans le monde des grands primates tous frugivores, nous sommes ceux qui mangeons le plus de fruits. Mais peut-être les fruits de mer mais cela n'est pas prouvé même si nous avons beaucoup d'attribut biologique des mammifères marins aussi. Nous avons grandi à côté des denrées comme la spiruline, oléagineux aussi. C'est très intéressant d'étudier notre Histoire et de voir que la vitesse de course d'un homme quelconque de la préhistoire est supérieure aux records actuels de nos meilleurs athlètes ...

      Pour répondre à ta question, essayes quelques jeunes feuilles de tilleul, de consoude, d'orties, de roquettes et de pissenlits plutôt que des "salades" du commerces....cela devrait assainir le sido

      Bonne chance
    • Thankyou but im so sorry i cant translate this
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New and need help

I read Raw til 4 and decided to give it a try. I am about 6 weeks in and decided to check my fasting blood sugar this morning after a 12 hour fast. My blood sugar was high for me with a reading of 135. I did my 1,000 calorie morning banana smoothie and 3 hours later my blood sugar was still 150.  Do i just keep going or is this diet have too much sugar for me. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Tummy Troubles!!

Hi y'all!I've been high carb vegan for about a year and a half now, and I was vegetarian for 6 years prior. I have always had digestion problems and I came to this lifestyle seeking relief. At first things seemed better once I cut out eggs (I've never been able to eat much dairy). Now, for at least the past 4 months my stomach is in constant pain. Every time I eat I will have to find a bathroom within 20 minutes, and my intestines will start to cramp up terribly. I also struggle with yeast…

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