Consuming food is taking me so much time

Hey there,

I feel the best consuming fruit but I find that I need to eat soooo much of it to feel satisfied. I wanna be raw vegan but right now I just feel like it's unsustainable if I need to keep eating 24/7 for the rest of my life. Can anyone help me with this dilemma, or does anyone have any tips I could use? :)

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  • start eating organic basmatti white rice and indian lentils with some spices. we need carbs and proteins. and mix in some greens and lettuce, organic burst has good wheatgrass and chlorella and other stuff or TerraSoul

  • Hi, i can smash a 1,500 cal smoothie of dates and bananas in 30 mins. 

    Smoothies are the way go. That or juices. The time is worth it for how good you will feel 

    • Hey bro, glad to see another brother in Europe in here! Yes, agreed! It's easy to make banana based smoothies and get the needed amount of calories per meal and per day! 

  • Hey girl, I had the same struggle when I first started. What helped me was smoothie's smoothie's smoothies, and pack them in! I use to put like 3 bananas in them and wonder why I was still hungry. Try 7-10 bananas, 5-10 dates, some vanilla sweet drops, coconut water or vegan milk. Fill that sucker up. I bought a stainless steel insulated mug cup, you can get a big one and just drink it through out the day. Freelee has a ton of smoothie recepies in her book and suggests them throughout her videos if you need more accurate specifics. Hope this helps!! 

  • Lola Maria,

    Great topic you posted here. Glad you mentioned it. I'm new to this website so I'm just seeing this & responding.

    Hola! Check out my comments I just made on here. It does take much to fruit to be full/satisfied. However, I feel that it's worth it, once we make the decision to be fruitarian and then find a way to sustain that as the alternative is just not worth it. I look at the people who attend fruit festivals on youtube and I say to myself, I desire to have the body and lifestyle that these people have and that the only way to do this is to take the journey and leap of a fruit-based lifestyle. I rather gorge on fruit than gorge on meat and processed foods. As a kid I've always loved fruits and vegetables. Why not feel great about what I eat each day? Why not live a clean, ethical, happy lifestyle?! Why not sing, dance, talk, rhyme, spit, breathe and live fruit all day, every day, for the rest of our natural lives? I believe a life full of fruitarian living is worth the cost and at this point there are alternatives, like freeganism and social services assistance and bartering at co ops or working at markets that serve fruit and vegetables, etc., etc.

  • As apple girl said, it does take time to adjust. I have been eating rt4 for the past few months. Food can be like a drug, and you will have a withdrawal experience changing your diet. For example, if you used to have toast with salty vegan butter-like stuff in the morning, then you may have a craving for salt. Bread has a stimulating effect, I have found, and removing it from your diet could be a difficult adjustment. I have recently found that coconut water is one of the most important parts of my diet, especially since I sweat a lot. Sometimes I crack one open mid morning for some sodium and all the other goodness it has (usually saving the meat for later). As for the taking time to eat, it does take a while to eat a bunch of fruit, there's no avoiding that. I got faster at it after some practice. best to try to eat in meals, 3 or 4 a day for most people. Try just eating til you're full and move along with your day, then if you feel like you need something but it's not lunch time yet, bust open a coconut. A couple coconuts makes a big difference for me through the day.

  • Hi Lola,
    If you feel like you're not satisfied after a meal, it sounds like maybe you aren't getting enough healthy fats in meals. Maybe try adding some nut butters, coconut or avocado. You can also bump up your protein in the form of hemp seeds, chia or flax. You could throw any of those in your smoothies on top of salads or with your fruit. This will help satiate you and keep you fuller longer. Just a thought. Hope this helps. How long have you been raw? Sometimes it takes some time to transistion- i.e..getting used to not feeling weighed down after meals. Eating raw keeps your tummy digestion moving well and feeling light after meals. Blessings to you-
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