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ive been loving and eating all sorts of animal products ever since i was born, but had just recently discovered that my body is intolerable of a bunch of food: dairy, eggs, gluten, yeast, soy just to name a few. ive been trying to eliminate such stuff from my diet over the past week but started bingeing bread cakes etc. after 3 days. i get tempted by every food out there whenever i go out and would break the rules i cant even control there a way i can slowly ease into this lifestyle and minimize cravings?

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  • What have you been eating? Do you have a history of binge eating?  I, personally, have found that when I eat enough fruit I don't get a craving to binge, and I come from a background of binging and purging. Have you been eating enough? Because if you're not your body wants fuel and craves for things that are high in artificial sugar and fat, like cake.

    What is 'enough' has only been established through lots of trial and error, for me. Remember that fruit is high in fibre so it's filling but also deceiving because it can feel like 'enough,' when really it's not. Maybe try smaller meals more often? 

    I don't have much advice for easing into it though, since i'm more of an all/nothing person, but maybe try to snack of all fruit and have your sandwich or whatever as well and then just gradually replace those meals? I found that when I started eating fruit meals I didn't really feel like bread etc anyway because fruit is so much more refreshing and hydrating.

    • and also is the minimum caloric intake 2500 a day? bc thats what i found on freelee's website
    • thanks a lot and yes ive had history of anoerxia and later binge eating disorder and is still trying to recover from it... and im the type of all/no type of person as well thats why i might need some guidance for easing in... thanks a lot !
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