Tummy Troubles!!

Hi y'all!

I've been high carb vegan for about a year and a half now, and I was vegetarian for 6 years prior. I have always had digestion problems and I came to this lifestyle seeking relief. At first things seemed better once I cut out eggs (I've never been able to eat much dairy). Now, for at least the past 4 months my stomach is in constant pain. Every time I eat I will have to find a bathroom within 20 minutes, and my intestines will start to cramp up terribly. I also struggle with yeast problems, and no matter how much I limit my fat intake, these problems do not go away. I'm at a loss, I know carbs are the way to go, but it seems the more sugar I eat, the worse I feel. I've stuck with it for a year and a half, and I could never go back to the cruelty of eggs and dairy but I'm in so much pain all of the time and I never had these problems before I went high carb low fat. Help! Please. 

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  • Hello,

    I am so new I haven't started yet. Just curious if you drink enough water? Maybe try warm water. Also for yeast there are things like Grapefruit seed extract or coconut oil that help to remove the excess yeast.

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