• What's the Dukan diet? Eat fruit and veggies then you will see a difference. It takes one month, for me anyway, to start seeing a difference and losing all the old baggage. After 3 months it's amazing!!!

  • Hello and first of all congratulations on your transition to vegan diet. The swollen-bloating feeling it's normal after this total transition of your diet and your body needs time to adapt to that change. The amount of time varies for each person as our bodies function differently but consider that all these years you've been eating a high animal protein diet and not enough foods rich in fiber and water such as fruit and veggies are, so it's going to take time for your stomach to adapt and 'stretch' in order to get used to it. I understand you because I've been through the same, although I was not eating a high animal protein diet before (just some dairy products and fish occasionally), when I started becoming a vegan and then fruitarian it took me some time to adapt. In the beginning, was feeling bloated and had some detox signs and couldn't eat the amount of calories needed, but I stuck to it and continued to eat lots of fruit according to my needs, until my body got used to it. After a year I feel completely different, now I can eat larger amount of fruit and starches and I only experience bloating when I don't combine my foods properly. I advise you to stick to proper food combining (this saved me), eating mono meals of fruit as a start and drink a lot of water. Also exercising is important. Below I am attaching you a chart of proper food combining which I found really helpful and a link from 30Bad that will answer the most of your questions, as it did mine when I was a beginner.
    Last but not least, fruit do not make you fat, only fat does so you need to reduce your fat intake in order to help your body get rid of excess weight more quickly. We should, of course eat some essential unsaturated fats (omega 3 & 6) because are neeed for a healthy body function but we should not pile it on them. Hope these will help you.


    • Thanks so much !!!

      In the meanwhile I 'v lost 3 -4 kilos in 5  days! I ate a lots of dried fruits at the beginning...This chart is very helpful and thanks for the  effort finding and sending that to me!!!  I eat only fruits, vegetables and a few nuts...

    • Wow these are amazing news, I am glad to hear that! Possibly all those kilos you've lost were just caused by water retention (that's why the swollen feeling) and not fat, because your digestive tract needed time to process the change and is still adapting. Also dried fruit have less water than fresh, so they take more time to digest and probably caused you bloating because you were not used to this lifestyle. Hence, include more fresh fruit in your daily routine, especially bananas which are bland and easily digested. Stick to it, be persistent and as the time goes by, it will get better and better and you'll feel great & full of energy.

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