This group is dedicated to the gals out there who say 'no!' to makeup & are proud to let their natural beauty shine!! Also we can talk about 'strong' girl pursuits like pumping heavy weights, kickboxing, cycling & more...
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Love the skin you're in & it will love you back

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  • my kind of gurL! truly natural, vegan, veganik, holistic and wiLd :)
  • i have lost my period but im not really worried about it. my body is healing and trying to find a balance. I know its nothing to worry about due to the fact that I've actually started getting cramps again. just make sure you're eating enough and you should be fine

  • Justyna- It is not uncommon for women to lose their period for a period of time (hehe) but it is nothing to be alarmed about. As long as you are eating enough calories and nutrients (I would most definitely use Cronometer for tracking this) then your body will find homeostasis again.

  • Andi Birky - I did the same baking soda and ACV a couple of years ago. I found that it left my hair feeling super good at the beginning, I was very enthused. After awhile I found it was over drying my hair (my hair is quite oily) and my theory is that my hair was producing a lot of oil to compensate. I needed to wash my hair everyday which I don't enjoy. In the end it always looked super oily and yuck, I didn't know how to fix it so I stopped washing my hair altogether for about 6 weeks to try and have my hair relearn how much oil to produce. It felt awful too, had to have my hair tied up all the time so it bothered me less. I was so happy to wash it again. From then on I've only washed it 2 times a week which has put it into a good routine. I also found that working on a farm over the summer not washing my hair very often left it feeling grose too! I'd love some ideas to transition to a more natural option. For the moment I just pick the most organic and natural shampoo and conditioner I can find.

  • I have never been the biggest make-up wearer, but recently I have given it up almost completely. I do wear it very occasionally, but I find that I get pimples that don't heal for a week or two after I use make up, where-as when I don't use make-up my skin heals 10 times faster. Within a few days my pimples go. I am going to start using ACV as a face-dab-wash before bedtime, cuz I've read it makes your skin glow. I have also found that the longer I go without makeup, the more I don't want to wear it. I am happy with my face the way it was created. 

  • So happy to have found this group!!

    For those who use/have used baking soda for washing hair, did it change your hair texture? I used it every other day for about three months with a vinegar rise(for conditioner) and my hair never adapted in the way I wanted it to. Was heavy and would be very stiff/slicked back almost, with no movement. Any advice on a better transition?

  • I am so happy to find this group. I stopped shaving my underarms and legs over a year ago and never turning back! I don't wear make-up with the exception of mascara sometimes. I don't even buy shampoo, conditioner, lotions, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, etc...I haven't washed my hair or face with anything but water in over a year. I use baking soda on my hair every 7-10 days. Oh the joys of fruit! And everyone says it's expensive...I have saved a fortune from not buys razors and beauty products!

  • I am moving towards makeup freedom but haven't washed my hair since last August ( was using baking soda but stopped a month or two ago and haven't noticed much difference). It's been a year since I shaved and am diggin that. Here lately, when i look at makeup or ads or a Kardashian :) I keep thinking, all you see is the makeup. I'm not saying i don't think makeup is pretty but not on someone's face!! Colors are pretty but I'd rather see them on a flower or in a tree- to say a woman isn't 'pretty' unless she covers herself up, that sounds a little burka-like, doesn't it. I did quit wearing mascara because I have blond eyelashes and finally decided to embrace them not deny their existence. I swear i get a more positive reaction from the average person when i am makeup free than when i succumb and conform and wear it!
  • I went like a year without out shaving, and i was so proud! but then i started working, (i'm a waitress) and unfortunately i had to wash my hair and shave those other hairs lol! And my boyfriend didn't like my hairy legs, which really bothered me but oh well! And I haven't worn makeup since i was 16. I was having, lets say, a very introspective moment and looked in the mirror and was like oh my goodness i can't even see myself under all this caky paint! Next day I gave away alllll my makeup and haven't touched it since. I exfoliate with sugar or a washcloth usually and moisturize with coconut or almond oil.

  • Great!!! I will try it when my olive oil will be finish. 
    Thanks a lot Frugisaurus. :)

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Women's intimate hygiene

Hi Girls!I have been searching 30BaD for a similar topic but I haven't found antyhing.Is there a way to get rid of initimate hygiene product? I have been using a very delicate one for years but recently I have found out that even this one causes some irritation.Maybe there are some herbs infusion that we can use instead of farmaceutical products?Any ideas/experience? :)

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Beautiful Body Hair!

Hi girls/ladies/whatever,I though this might be a great place to talk about hair. Body Hair! When discussing the pressures placed on women to conform to wear make-up I feel a discussion about body hair is the next step. So here's my story, please share yours, your thoughts, or your questions.I'm 28 years old and have for the most part been embracing my hair, all of it, for the past ten years. I did shave for part of high school but it wasn't long before I decided that ridding my body of its…

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Biometrics, Brain fats?, Periods and mothers!

So I went in for a biometric screening yesterday thru work...Blood pressure should be less than 120/80, mine measured at 90/60! Whoo yay for lowered stress levels haha HDL Cholesterol should be 50-100mg/dLmine was a flat 40. Which is considered "undesirable (low) but the nurse tech guy said it's fine for me because I'm vegan.My LDL Cholesterol was so low it couldn't be measured by this particular testing station (lol) Optimal would be less than 100mg/dL so I'm guessing I was way beyond optimal…

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HELP my nose is shiny

Hahaha. For as long as I can remember, my nose has been very very shiny! I have tried close to everything, but so far only compact powder has done the trick (which I'll have to reapply the entire day through) BUT now that im avoiding make up I would really like to hear about your experiences with these kinds of issues? ....preferably make-up freeEven if I dont apply moisturizer to my nose, it shines. I used to use oil-free lotions on my face (mostly avoiding the nose area) but it felt somewhat…

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