Blenders .... I'm looking at various ones I can get here in Thailand, and there seems to be some very decent choices. Right now, Lotus in Hat Yai has an OTTO BE-127 for 2100 baht! (And Lazada online website has it for 2000.) The specs compare favorably with the two big names, for FAR less money. I realize, being made in Thailand (NOT China!) helps keep costs down. The only thing that suggests to me that this is not nearly as good as a Vitamix or a Blendtec is the one year warranty as opposed to the 5, 7 and 10 year warranties for the big names. 

This thing has 1200 watts, spins at 25,000 rpms, has a stainless steel 6-blade assembly (with lots of little points on the edges), the variable speed knob and pulse switch, ABS plastic carafe (which doesn't say anything about NOT having BPA in there), good for wet and dry ingredients (since it makes curry bases and chutneys I'm sure it'll do nut butters). Converting 1200 watts into HP = 1.6 HP. That's quite a bit less than the 2+ and 3+ of the big names, but at there's a green smoothie lady who is all gaga over Vitamix and Blendtec, who says that design is much more important than HP. 

There's more information on the box, but it's pretty standard info, such as safety and the things it can be used for. I realize I'm already pretty sold on this - despite only having a one-year warranty - but if anyone's up for trying to convince me away from this ... I'm all eyes :)) 

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