baby bananas in US!!!

So the Unites States really only sells one type of banana, the cavendish, but i just read an article it the Wall Streat Journal that Amarica may start selling a second veriety of banana, the baby bananas that are about a third of the size of cavendish bananas, sweeter and creamier.So lets get the word out there, ask your prouduce people at the suppermarkes you go to about them. we need to let the country know that there is a market for more than one type of banana!

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  • Hmm, I've been buying baby bananas, red bananas, and brunos for as long as I can remember.

    The banana I want to try is the ice cream banana. I'm looking at places to purchase a plant from. There's a store online that I'm considering purchasing from, but I want to do a little more reading to see the quality of plants from this company. I plan to have a little 'nana garden this year!

  • We have those baby bananas here in California already, they are really yummy, I like them better then the larger ones.

    • What! I'm jeluse! i'v never tryed any other kind besides the cavenish
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