A group to help unite all of us Raw-Foodies that are spread out across Canada, Eh!!
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  • I’m from Vancouver BC! It’s so amazing to see so many Canadians!
  • If anyone lives in Vancouver hit me up!! 

  • Hi there! I'm new to the site and excited to start connecting. It would be awesome to get in touch with like-minded locals. I'm in Victoria, BC :)

  • Hey everyone! I'm new to the raw diet.  Which grocery store have you found is the best for buying large quantities of fruit?  We have a Fresh Co, Metro, Walmart, Independent, Food Basics and No Frills.  There doesn't seem to be any organic stores or anything in town so I am limited to the larger stores (Unfortunately)..

  • Hey Ted, If you're ever in Victoria BC we should hangout. 

  • I'm not a raw foody but most won't be cycling as much as me in June so your welcome to ride with me before I leave to cycling across Canada. 

  • Any raw fooders from Canada still posting here? I'll be in Vancouver in June :)

  • Yes Yogaranka I would buy some or split another future order. 

  • I have freshly frozen organic dates from Bautista farms for sale...half price. If you live in Toronto, GTA, interested, please message me. Pick up only.

  • Vancouver Young Adults dinner meetup! Welcome! Check out FB event. October 25.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1689099547970439/ 

    Young Adult Dinner at ZEND Conscious Lounge
    Event by Carson Mcquarrie on Sunday, October 25 201517 posts in the discussion.
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Produce Wholesale - Ottawa?

Hey y'all, I just moved to Ottawa for work from Northern California and I'm struggling to find the best place for wholesale produce here. A co-worker recommended Farm Boy as the best place to buy retail--I'm gonna check them out soon and I'll report back, but would prefer to buy by the case.

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GTA Fruitluck Meetup Group

Hey there,After the WFF this year (and then going to CSW right after that too) I've really grown to enjoy the 80/10/10 community and so to help it grow bigger here in Toronto, I've started a fruitluck meetup group. Currently I've scheduled a fruitluck on Sept. 28 at High Park, and hopefully will aim to have at least 1 fruitluck each month if possible. It's 100% free to join, so if you are in the GTA, why not sign up? http://www.meetup.com/GTA-Fruitluck

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Best Canadian Cities/Communities to be RAW?

What are the best places in Canada for being fully raw? Where is the best/less-costly fruit available and maybe a slightly warmer (in Canadian terms) climate? Produce co-ops, preferably organic of course? and even, maybe, public transit for those living without a vehicle so as to afford more rawness? :)Thanks for any suggestions! Namaste.( Background: I'm currently living in Sackville, NB and am a year away from graduating with my B.A. (not that I'm counting the days or anything, *ahem*).…

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