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Just a shameless plug for my book The Holistic Beauty Book - packed with 100% natural recipes for skincare using organic, fairtrade and plant-based ingredients. [NOTE: I wrote this book 5 years ago before I went 100% vegan, out of 100 recipes 4 do contain beeswax and honey. Candelilla wax is a natural plant wax that can be substitued for beeswax and glycerine is a plant-based substitute for honey. The other 96 recipes in the book are 100% vegan and are labelled as such. Apologies if I caused anyone offence on this group]

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  • I use raw organic shea butter on the face n body, it is amazing. Smooth glowing skin to enhance my 801010 diet!
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  • Hello!! :)

    been 80/10/10 for a few months now. My skin has been glowing sincethe innital detox and I feel amazing. Althoug now I am beginning to have severe exema on my face (red bumps and peeling) Not sure if I am lacking something or If it is just a part of the long going detox process..any thoughts?

  • Has anyone found a way to remove hair bumps?
  • Hey all, so I recently got my belly button pierced for my birthday and it was inspired by Freelee's, and I don't know if anyone's else's skin cleared up more when salt intake was low, but i try to keep mine as low as I can, but I now need to clean the piercing with salt water and oooohhh, my face is not having it and rebelling like mad.  If anyone knows anything that might help or replace the salt, and not be a soap that would be fantastic, the fruit, water, and sleep just aren't cutting it at the moment sadly and I look worse then when I was detoxing :/ Any advice or thoughts would help and be much appreciated!  Thank you!

  • Just reading the comments about sunscreen options. I'm from New Zealand where the hole above the o-zone layer is and as a very golden (almost ginger) blonde with fair skin I have hard a hard time with the sun my whole life. Currently in Canada at the moment I was amazed at how different the sun is here during the summer. Of course I still went pink just less often and much less painful.

    I've made my own sunscreen before using zinc oxide and a basic moisturizer emulsion recipe and it was ok but not waterproof at all, or raw for that matter but I'm still new to all this. I read about coconut oil and tried it once and suffered rather badly, maybe it works best for those with dark skin? Any recipe's for fair headed, freckled people? My usual NZ tactic is to avoid the sun 10am-4pm which is ok when you work a lot but when I go back I'll be in explore mode, plus I'm keen for some more organic farm work this summer. Perhaps a product available in store in Canada is best since it's not always easy to make things while traveling. Thanks!

  • I do not find zinc oxide to be irritating at all. It is in all of the mineral make ups and sunscreens. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are both natural minerals from the earth. That statement however doesn't mean it's ok for humans! Some of the natural minerals can be high in bismuth oxycloride often found in mineral make ups. After cleaning up my diet I too found I do not need anything more than Shea butter, I am convinced that taking off the sunglasses also helped.
  • Mangoustine, that is fascinating that you don't get burned anymore.  Yes.  I find it interesting that my black friends here in America say they get sun burnt but the Ghanians I worked with in Africa (who are the same color as my friends) do not get burnt.  This is exciting to hear, that sun response lessens over time.  

    And yes, I am a big advocate of covering up in the sun.  The shade of the forest would keep us out of direct sun light all those millennia ago.

  • That is very strange, I am a person who do not use anything apart from coconut oil and lemon juice on my skin. I do not use even soap, shampoo or any make - up for 5 years now. It is very rare when I use zinc oxide and it is only on some insect bites which does not heal well (I live in humid tropics and there is so many bugs that some times I need to do something) - it happens maybe once per two months and I notice that zo helps to dry the wound, and it is less itchy. I used it also when my daughter got dipper rash after using some plastic diapers when we were traveling a lot and some times there was no better option. It worked like magic, so I am really surprised that it is mutagenic. This is just my experience and obviously it is everybody's choice. Personally I prefer to restrain myself from sun and wear some cloths or stay in the shadow than use any ointment. Sun is very important for vitamin D production but it is also a potent detoxifier and can also cause release of huge amount of toxins (accumulated in the body tissue) to the blood stream causing an allergic reaction which people interpreted as an allergy to the sun. When done progressively the amount of toxin is smaller and easier to removed from the body unit the level of toxin is minimal and the body can be expose for prolonged period of time (with proper hydration) without any harm. It took me 3 months to adapt to the sun. I am blond, blue eyes and I used to had very white skin prone to redness with sun exposure and I always dream of beautiful brown tan but it was not until I changed my nutrition and I progressively spent more time in sun.

    A lot of sunny days:)


  • Hey,

    So as a researcher dealing with chemicals, I just naturally go look at the MSDS of a chemical.  I just thought it was curious.  I am not sure how the mutagenic effect takes place?  Does it need to be inhaled, ingested, or just contacted.  It does say it is a skin irritant.  So I found it curious that people here used it on their skin.

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seeking hair and scalp advice

Hi!:) I am from the Philippines - I have thick and wavy hair and I have dandruff problems. For the longest time, I have been using commercially manufactured anti-dandruff shampoo which somehow made me dandruff free. Early this year, I opted to use an organic and cruelty free shampoo and conditioner  that are locally made in the Philippines. Please note that there no "anti-dandruff" in the label and they have no product of such kind. At the first few months of using the new product, I…

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"Shampoo" Recipes for dyed hair

Hi everyone!I was wondering if any of you have DIY natural shampoo/conditioner recipes for dyed hair ? :)I have dyed hair (pink/purple/turquoise) and I would like to make my own shampoo/conditioner that won't fade out the color. Do you have any suggestion? :)

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hello all :)So I am in desperate need of a raw vegan moisturizer/lotion alternative, i do not want to use anything containing chemicals and what not on my skin but it is getting very cold and dry here and my skin is showing it. what do you do to put moisture back in your skin?

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Acne and Oily skin

I am a newly transitioned vegan, and am trying to go fully RAW.  its been abut 2 weeks now, and I switched up my skin care to either oatmeal or just water for 'cleansing', this was just in the past couple days, and out of no where my skin has started breaking out in places it never did, and i'm guessing this is because it's going through a detox?  i have permanent, indented scars from hurting my skin in the past, and i also have combo skin and the oily parts are looking... extra oily.  i tried…

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