weight gain and no weight loss

hi everyone, so i've been on this path for about 9 months now i went from 105 to 145-150. I've had an eating disorder for about 3 years and then found this lifestyle over this past summer in july. i understand i had metabolic damage and needed to gain weight but how do some people heal so fast? i eat raw till 4 and love my cooked carbs, don't think i could give those up because even when i try going all raw i immediately reach for a fat like avocado or hummus and completely over do it. i just want to lose the weight more than anything. I'm terrified of what my friends will think and even though they have only said positive things so far its breaking my heart i haven't lost any weight i came to this lifestyle for health and weightloss and while my health is better i don't get sick as often, my hair grows faster, my nails are stronger and my skin is clear i just want someone to tell me what to do or how to do this better than I'm already doing it so i can get results 

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  • Hi...I´m unfortunatly with U girl :( I also gain waight,and it go´s on my mind soo much...I´m really unhappy with it but I accept it as a transition stage...and I hope verry verry much that it will be much beter later :) Ahhh and sorry for my English I´m still learning :)

  • This happened to me! I also was having stomach problems and teeth problems, I tried cutting out dried fruit and dates, i don't use a lot of coconut sugar anymore either, after those changes things started working right!...oh and I eat a ton of cooked food too!

    • interesting, dates usually digest really well for me and i use them as a staple, i also cut out coconut sugar i got to a point where i was eating by the spoonful haha embarrassing but true so i cut that out and everything balanced out? 

  • Im going threw exactly what you described Alex so i sympathize with you! ive gone from 127 to 147 and to be quite honest it has upset me very much... i know its a process to health but i find myself in a depression just because of the weight gain. its hard for me to foccus on the positive aspects of this lifestyle and all the good it has done for me. youre not alone Alex!

    • right! its hard to just pretend that you're the same when no you've gained so much weight and me too sometimes, sometimes i literally just sit in my bed and sulk and be sad because of the way i look now compared to how i used to look, if you ever want to talk more please message me !!! 

    • hi.. im goin thru same ..r u having any positive results now in weight loss

    • A warm feeling of compassion came over me after ready your last msg. I've been there Alex, every other night or so... Crying, sulking and feeling like a stranger in my body. Keep going girl!! It will get better!!! I know and believe it deep down inside my heart.
      WE ARE NOT ALONE. There is comfort in that

      Msg me whenever you want as well :)
    • i believe deep down in my heart too, everything will get better and balance i just wish the time was now and thanks girl (:

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