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  • i have just started a blog to share the events on my vegan journey and my recovery- weight gain etc, i thought i would do this to try and support others as well as supporting myself in the process because i know that then there is a reason to recover to spread the vegan message 


    also youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_IXhPM3meB9JR3q8NLrDvA

  • Here's a video I just made that may help people here: The #1 thing that helped me overcome my eating disorder

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • The first in a series of videos talking about how I overcame my eating disorder on a fruit based diet:

    Healing anorexia the plant-based way: The vegan lifestyle saved my ...

    - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Do you know whether it's possible to get a binging episode a few months after you stopped your starvation episode? My starvation episode was from January until end of April. and then in May I started to eat enough kcal again. But now. almost 2 months after I started to eat enough I get extreme cravings and binges…. I binge on rice and I can't manage to stay raw (I even binged 2 times on bread and peanut butter yugh!!). I gained some weight I am really depressed. I am avoiding people don't want to see anyone. Do you have some idea how this is possible to get those cravings 2 months AFTER you start eating enough kcal from fruit? I don't know what's wrong with me. I desperately want to be happy.

  • I always thought I had an over active appetite and that's why I always felt "hungry". Then I saw the difference between the way would eat (devour) say, a veggie burger (fatty/salty/processed foods) as opposed to the way I would pick at a bowl of sliced banana or salad. I'm coming to the realization that I have a mental addiction to these toxic foods and sometimes I can control myself and sometimes I can't. I have a history of binging and purging but I got the purging under control now. I know that does me even more damage than eating garbage alone. I've heard people say that this lifestyle has cured their E.D.s but I'm not quite sure how to work with mine. I have little to no appetite when it comes to eating the right things so I just go without eating until I get so hungry my cravings get out of hand. How do I make myself eat the right way???

  • Hi guys! I have problem with binge eating. I had anorexia a few moths ago. I got fat lastly, because i ate a lot of sweets, dairy :( Now i would like to fix my health, body and my life. I want to try raw till 4. I believe that lifestyle will help me.

  • Lacy, 
    I am so sorry you are struggling. I can absolutely relate. My anorexia started at age 14/15 and I only very recently (one year ago, now age 23) found relief with 801010...but I had already been 801010 for almost 3 years! For the first 2.5 years I was just plain scared of gaining weight, and so I continued restricting. eventually my health had deteriorated so terribly, and I was so sick of feeling miserable, both physically and mentally, that I finally took the plunge. But to get to that point of jumping in to unlimited calories certainly took a lot of mental/emotional/personal work, understanding myself and my eating disorder. Basically, I had to get to a point where I truly felt worthy of recovery, of living, of being happy. Then, once I started eating enough carbs, my mental patterning completely changed. Carbed-up, my eating disorder thoughts are entirely foreign. Of course, the precursor and foundation of this success eating unlimited amounts is all of the work that made me truly love my self enough to recover. But, what i found is that no amount of emotional/personal work was enough to be fully recovered, by itself. I need my brain to be fully sugared up to function properly and feel alive. When i get undercarbed for any prolonged period of time I do start to feel like my scary "old self", I just start feeling extremely negative and like nothing matters, eating doesn't matter, i'm disgusting, worthless etc. Thankfully this only happens if I (unintentionally) get waaaayy to hungry. And as soon as I eat enough, i feel amazing again. So basically, in my experience, the first thing you have to do is be ready to recover, love yourself enough to put your physical and mental health and happiness before your weight. Then, you have to eat crazy amounts of fruit, always (and get good sleep, etc of course) In the past year of eating a ton and feeling like an ENTIRELY new woman (never felt like a woman before either, lol) I have gained about 30 pounds. But that is inevitable, and honestly, I feel the most confident and comfortable in my skin that I have EVER felt. It is utter bliss, so freeing, so worth it. I trust that if my body doesn't need some of the fat, it will get rid of it when i sees fit, and only after it has done a whole lot more healing on my insides. I posted some videos i made below as well. I hope some of this helps :) if you ever want to talk please don't hesitate to message me :) xoxo

  • Hi. I have tried and failed 80/10/10 for almost a year. I have had an eating disorder since I was 15 (now 21) due to a traumatic life event. It started with anorexia, then developed into bulimia with binge eating. I abuse laxatives and want to stop. I struggle with the amount of food I need to eat on this diet. I feel good at first but then think that I am fat and so on. Any help?

  • Hey guys, I was bulimic and anorexic for quite a while. I got help but when I started to eat food at a normal rate again I had the worst stomach pains and bloating every time I ate meat or dairy. I found this life style and when I started to just only eat fruits and veg my hair started to get thicker, my skin got better and my stomach hasn't hurt since. this life style has just been so healing for me and I love it! I hope I can meet some other people who feel the same way!

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Newbie here

Hi guys ! thanks to someone on the raw till 4 forum I've gotten this link. I'm so happy that i've found people that have been through thesame as I. I have Boulemia for about 10years now. I started the raw till 4 program a month ago. But yesterday it all went wrong again ( and it hasn't for at least 2months ) I started binguing on bread and salade dressing tomatoes etc.. I felt / feel so terrible about it. Also I have gained weight. ( And i'm normal sized , bmi 25 so.. ) I find it very difficult…

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Weight Gain Advice

Hey all!I am struggling with the increase in weight coming to this lifestyle... I know i have done some irreparable damage to my body, and I know I really need to allow myself to heal, but goodness me it is difficult! I told myself I needed to throw away the scales, but today at the gym I couldnt help but jump on and I was shocked at what I saw... I am only 3 or so months into this lifestyle, and I KNOW it's a long term healing process, but the fact of the matter is I have a diagnosed MENTAL…

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Bulimia has ruined my Digestion! HELP!!

I was bulimic - on and off - for about 7 years before I committed to recovery and found HCLF veganism. This lifestyle saved my life but after a year of struggling through recovery my digestion still SUCKS!!!! If I eat literally anything other than fruit I'm stopped up for days, if you know what I mean, and it's totally ruining my life. It feels like I have in no way parted with bulimia to be honest. I'm constantly craving cooked carbs but I'm terrified to eat anything because food still reacts…

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