The Raw Till 4 Thai Festival is going to be held the first 2 weeks of July in beautiful Chang Mai Thailand! It will be free entry. What talents/services can you provide? Cheap plane tickets? Also feel free to discuss WFF situation here, what we can do to improve on that etc

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  • Hi

    Does anyone know any organic fruitfarm in Asia where I could work?

  • Hi, I plan to go in 2016, is this still the facebook page? where to follow the venues etc? if this is the current facebook page can someone add me please?
  • Will there be a festival for 2016?

  • Hi
    if going to changmai fruit festival, what is the closest airport to fly into?

    Also how much extra finances are needed for room/board?

    Thanks so much.
  • so this years thai fest being in June, this is my first trip ever outside of the US I am going to pack in the work asap to earn 5k in two months so I can go. I am starting from zero dollars I sell artwork, And I am trying to get it sold I averaged 21 paintings to be sold by the festival may show up late, but I found a cheap ticker I know Marena Inn was last year from what Lindy told me please I can use travel help I get lost easy Lol But my heart is pointing to go to this event this year something is telling me I need to be there :D and I will make it happen. 

  • Ello ello

    So friggin excited!! We will be definitely attending due to designing our south east asia cycle tour through it. Look forward to meeting and eating with you soon!! Check out our blog for where we are peddling at the moment!!

    Alex and Andy

  • Hello,

    I don't know if I can get an answer here,  but any advice concerning the bike to take? i have two bikes: a road bike and a mountain bike,  which one will be more suitable for the festival? and is it easy to rent a good bike in Chang Mai?

    Thanks for your answers and for those wondering if there will be only teenagers: i intend to go and i am 34.

  • hey whats up fruit chuggers, i was hoping to go this year to fest. Like most people i don't know where to stay though haha. I wondering if anyone knew about a hotel, hostel, w.e or would be willing to split the cost on a room or something. shoot me message or comment here!

  • Hey fruit lovers! I have decided that I  want to attend the festival but have no clue where to stay or what the best option to get there from Canada. Is there any other fellow Canadians traveling there this summer and if so would like to go with me! And if any one has advice to where is the best (but cheapest) accommodations in Chang Mai that would be close to fruit markets and where the festival will take place? would really appreciate it ! thanks :)

  • hey beauties! :) are there any early twenties late teenagers going to the fest this year? :) 

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I'm in Chiang Mai

Well, i actually did end up making it here this year. Anyone else here ???. I'm staying at the Jay Guesthouse on Ratchapakinai Rd for one more night. 70 baht a night. Shitty Wi-Fi signal up on the 3rd floor, and had to chain my bike up on the footpath. Looking for somewhere slightly better for 100 baht or less to spend tomorrow night.So, is anbody else here, and where are you all ?

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Thailand from the 20th!

Hey guys! I am in indonesia now and was planning on going to the US the 20th but looks like I'm going to Thailand instead! I will most likely be there the 20th of June, holla at me if you're there at the same time!!Also do you know about the visa, how long can we stay there?

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Cycling Challenge

My fruity friends,I decided to challenge myself to prepare for the cycling to come in Thailand.  I've been documenting my progress in a you tube type diary.  Link below to day one if anyone is interested (funny on occasions, although I'm not sure if it's suppose to be!!! especially day 3) was thinking of doing a kind of Strava challenge starting from June to see how many meters I can climb.  In the hope it will be good training to get me up the…

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