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  • Marin, it depends what time are you aiming for. I think you can combine XC and mara training. For marathon just increase yr mileage, ideally 100miles a week or there about, but you can get away with 80 or even less depending on what time you are expecting. For marathon it important to do a long run on weekend like 15-20 miles, it can be slow, but needs to be done at least a few times. Then good to do some  longer intervals like 4x2miles, or 4x2km or 2x15min or smth like that, but again if it clashes with yr xc intervals them just up the mileage and you should be fine.

  • Hey Marin  A marathon is an event not a sport, running is your sport so you have to ask yourself what results you want and use that as your guide. If you have trained well for your XC and keep a well balanced diet and lifestyle approach to all things you can go and run a marathon just do not expect to get time that reflects dedicated training to the distance event that it is. As @Declan stated not a good thing to be keeping your coach out of the loop if he is a good coach he will be trying to get the best out of you and the way he does that is to know what training you are doing. 

    We just finished a team 100k all plant powered and minimalist footwear and I am a specialist 5 and 10 k runner.river run 100k

  • Thanks Russell it was a tough run for me!! 

    training for both isn't really good option in my opinion especially if you going behind your coaches back and throwing in extra stuff... you should just be straight with him and tell him you want to run a marathon after xc season.  besides that the 10km xc training with addition of easy cycling each day, and furthermore a plant based diet should get you fit enough to run a marathon. the only thing I would talk to your coach about is maybe do some longer long runs on your saturday long run I presume to get yourself more prepared for the amount of time you will spend on your feet during the marathon. food wise I would say you should be eating anywhere between 3500-7000 calories a day ( which really varies depending on the person and what kind of training you've done each day. ), some optimal foods to add to your diet would be large flaked whole grains oats, organic cane sugar  with flax seeds and chia seeds as a good full breakfast bowl, I usually boil kettle water pour it on then add berries after the mixture has really soaked up the moisture although I like mine more watery. 
    I also don;'t think coffee is a bad Idea as long as you have it before 10 am as not to disrupt sleep late on that day. 
    Kale spinach the brown rice ( sun browns my fav) with a lil bit ( literal a tiny bit of tumeric sh*ts strong as heck) to get good nutrients. have advacdo once a a week in some for in a good idea, and of course black beans , lentils, chickpeas, ummm  
    sometimes if i'm trying to get extra calories in easily without eat as much volume because I've already stuff my face haha i get 2 slices of bread drizzle a lil bit of avocado oil on that with a sprinkle of salt for a great snack. i toast the bread b4 hand too umm ya but info off the top of my head

  • @Marin - It sounds like you get a rest day every week. And, unless you are going without sleep, you get to rest every day. Those two opportunities could be maximized to get plenty of rest.
  • As expected the run across the Grand Canyon from south rim to north and back was epic.  I can say that fuel was not a concern and that dates and some boiled potatoes and a ziplock with some black beans and rice was plenty.  The inner canyon is just so amazing when your on foot down in the bottom.  I took some photos, but they really cant capture the immensity of the place.  I'll post some once I get them off my camera (it was a long drive back home today).  Anyone looking for a great running adventure, I highly recommend rim to rim to rim.  Search r2r2r on YouTube for some great footage.

  • Hey Michael  

    I hope you take some good photos on the way sounds like a great outing.

    Hey Declan we are just starting our Xcountry season here congrats for you effort in the Canadian Championships last year. 

    Regards Russell 

  • Damn Michael that sounds epic! would def like to here how it goes make sure your well hydrated bud!

  • I'm planning to do a double crossing of the Grand Canyon next week.  Rim to Rim to Rim (r2r2r).  Its about 50 miles with just under 12,000 feet of elevation change.  I'm planning to take enough food for 15 hours of running.  Mostly dates, with a few bananas and a small bag of rice and beans for lunch at the halfway point on the north rim.  This will be my longest run on REAL food.  My training for this over the past few months has shown me how much better it is to be fueled with real food rather than all that sugar/maltodextrin junk they market to distance athletes.  No stomach issues at all.  The food does not pack as easily.  I really prefer bananas, but they are just too hard to pack for anything over about 6-7 hours of running.  Dates pack much better.  I also found that dates work better if they are soaked before eating, and I have a small flask that was originally designed for holding the gel goop for triathletes.  I put a date or two in it and transfer some water into it a few minutes before I need to eat.  Just letting them soak for a bit really helps to digest it easier.  Looking forward to an epic day running in the canyon.  I'll post here again after to let you know how it goes.

  • @Dennis, I don't add anything other than greens and some some cocos or avocados. What is your purpose? More calories? I just don't feel as light or quick when I eat anything else.

  • I am running a half marathon next year for veganism. https://www.justgiving.com/Phoebe-Nobes Please support!

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