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How much fruit i eat in a day...

I got a bit shy towards the end of this vid...you can clearly see how much fruit i eat though!

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  • It's persimmon time!!! Am I the only one who loves this time of year most especially for the gooey sweet persimmons?!!
    • Yes!!! :D
    • Aren't they amazing?!! I used to think fall and winter fruits were limited to oranges (which I love) bananas, apples and pears ūüėā I do live them all but this is like something super special to look forward to!!
  • this is great cuz i know some days i am no always getting enough ,just started using cron-o-meter, try to keep track ¬† am so busy with work and children any tips of what i can do to get the most of my day would be great !

    • Sis you still practicing this fruit lifestyle?
  • This what we bought today at the market here in Thailand: 25kg of Mangoes, 2,5 kg Sapotilla, 4 Bunches of bananas, 2kg Dragonfruit, 40 BIG green fresh Coconuts to a cost of 1000 Bath which is 210 SEK or 30$ or 193NOK or 23‚ā¨ !

    Will post more pictures on our fb page so go and likewww.facebook.com/1mtworld for more pictures and videos like this!


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  • ever tried this bananas?

  • Do you know how to eat a Dragonfruit?

  • Durian in cold Oslo, Norway?

  • Here we show in Hawaii how to open Durian !

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Black mold in dates & allergic reaction?

This morning I was eating a whole bunch of different dates, and in a Deglet Noor date i bit into, I saw black mold like in this picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andsometimesnatalia/3404707319/I ate half of it before I realized, and now the outsides of my upper lip is all bumpy and a tiny bit swollen. Any similar experiences or insights?

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Dates and Bananas question

Hello HCRV lovers!I've been For the past 2 days I've increased my intake of bananas and dates. Yesterday I ate 14 bananas and 10 dates. I usually limit myself to 5-6 bananas on average and 3-5dates on average because I like variety of fruit. I dont usually get acne, and I've never had a huge problem with it,  a breakout here and there when Im on PMS ever since I started the HCRV lifestyle. I found that I break out the next day everytime I overeat on bananas and dates? I think its the dates that…

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