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  • Hello Frugivores, I am newly fruit-based, thirty and based in Vancouver. Please let me know about events here in our area where I can meet others and learn more about being fruit-based. Cheers, Sylvia
  • Hi, I live in south Vancouver, been hclf for 2 years. It helped me to recover from my eating disorder. 
    Nice to meet you :)

  • Just to let everyone know, there's going to be a fruitluck at Kitsilano Beach this Friday at noon. We're going to meet on the sand in front of the Boathoise Restaurant, so feel free to come out and bring some fruit :)
  • Hey Vancouver peeps :) Was wondering if there are still regular fruitlucks in Vancouver? My partner and I are heading there (well, mainly mtn biking in Whistler) in Aug/Sept 16 and it'd be great to come along to a meetup. Thanks!

  • Vancouver Young Adults dinner meetup! Welcome! Check out FB event. October 25. 

    Young Adult Dinner at ZEND Conscious Lounge
    Event by Carson Mcquarrie on Sunday, October 25 201517 posts in the discussion.
  • Hey guys. I'm having a Vegan Fruitluck/Potluck in Vancouver at Second Beach at 12PM on Sept 13! Hope you can make it!
    September Vegan Fruitluck/Potluck
    Event in Vancouver, BC, Canada by Matthew Nagra on Sunday, September 13 201514 posts in the discussion.
  • Vegan Potluck in Maple Ridge at the Maple Ridge Park on Sunday August 9th at 12:30. All are welcome! Raw and not raw dishes. Shoot me a message via or facebook at Carson McQuarrie. Check out & the Facebook Page: 

  • Hi from Bowen Island

  • Most people in this group seem to be from metro vancouver, I'm out in the valley, Langley.

  • Awesome!     However, looks like I won't be heading up to Vancouver unless I can get some free accommodation.. Had 2 peeps lined up, but life happened, they won't be in Vancouver for more than what would allow me only a few days visit with 'em. I can pretty much only afford fruit and gas. I've run out of friends on which to impose a free patch of floor to sleep..


    I will visit Vancouver...I just might have to wait until next summer...

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help plz

hey guys plz i need help and its being annoying me for the past few months okayi finish recovering from my eating disorder/anorexia in november, a during that time i was force to be pescetarianism until i was better so on november 10th 2014 i became vegan what i wanted to be for a long time but couldn't coz of my 2 years of that.for the last 6 months i want to be a high car low fat vegan, but my parents and even my dietician would not alowed me and here are some of my parents reason 1. carb…

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Complete noobie raw vegan

Hey guys ! :) Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of sun here.. soo I'm totally new to the raw lifestyle and I need a buddy who I can hangout with and be social.. and help me stay on the track of being fully raw :) if you are new too we can help each other ! :D I'm 21 and I live in east vancouver.lettuce be friends ! :)

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