This group is for lfrv who are endeavoring to strengthen muscles for performance or aesthetic reasons.
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  • I feel that resistance training is a must
  • Hi weightlifting  body shaping. I've noticed since going vegan. My strength has gone up a lot. I have increased energy to!, Ide like to get to know others who are into fitness :)

  • @Matt, wow your journey has been  a rollercoaster for sure! My questions are

    1. Why do you want to gain lots of muscle?

    2. Do you want to be raw?

    From a female perspective, pre-vegan I was into very muscular guys, I liked ripped abs and huge biceps, but now I'm raw vegan I have little interest in big muscles. Guys like Chris Kendall and Mike Arnstein are slim, lean and ripped but not big. They appeal to me more now :P 

    Good luck with your gains nonetheless, I hope you find the healthiest option for youself.

  • All right guys! I don't know if you've had a similar experience as myself, but I started body building a couple of years ago and got quite into it. I put on a lot of muscle in the space of a year but that was before I turned vegan. This meant I was consuming eggs, meat and whey protein every day! For many reasons I changed to a plant based diet and believed I would get all the protein my body needed as long as I ate a large amount of fruits and veggies. However, unfortunately I slowly saw myself lose a lot of mass. I'm attaching some pics so you can see my rollercoaster journey. I am now listening to and reading stories from people who have built muscle on a plant-based diet and I have both increased my calories and started experimenting with plant based protein supplements. I have started to see a significant increase in my muscle mass and strength, as well as my recovery time reducing massively! If anyone out there is currently successfully making gains on this diet, or already has, I'd hugely appreciate any advice you could give on how you have achieved this. Similarly if you are struggling to do so, please ask any questions you want and lets start a blog going! Believe in yourself! Peace!


    The beginning

    Peak on animal products

    Vegan muscle loss

    Recent vegan gains

  • Thanks for the recommendations RawLuigi!

  • VegaNate

    I really like the "RAW" brand protein, all derived from fully raw plants, and the "VEGA" brand is like the top notch in raw veggie supp. hope that helps!

  • Well, this is probably the best place to post this question:

    A military friend recently asked me about Vegan supplements.  Apparently, in training food options are limited and he wants to know which supplements he can use to replace breakfast and have with dinner. 

    Like most, I adhere to a whole foods philosophy. Does anyone have recommendations? 

  • @Dharani You already look pretty good, are you sure there are some fat to lose? Maybe you could keep doing your running/cardio the way you do and add some weighted squats/leg work 2x a week or 3x, depending on what you feel like. Adjust the cardio so you don't get too fatigated because of the squats

  • Hi! I am really trying to lose fat and build lean muscle. Currently I am about 48kg 160cm tall. I workout almost every day, running/cardio for about an hour and then I lift and do core stuff for about 20min. I am not seeing a huge difference so far, even though i have been working out frequently for about 2 months. What would you suggest? I'm currently on banana island. I attached a picture I took today. Hopefully I will have wonderful results soon... 
  • Hello All!  I am new to this group and looking forward to learning as much as I can about this lifestyle and how it works with my training routines.  I just want to make sure that I constantly have the fuel in me to keep lifting heavy and breaking my own personal bests. If you have any advice about fueling up to lift heavy, please fill me in!

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Bodybuilding and Bulking on 801010

Howdy all!  I'm sure this subject has been touched on here in the past.  I *love* fasting and light eating - was raw vegan for years and can't wait to get back to it again. One of the reasons I stopped with raw was because I had been getting really scrawny - down to 165 lb from over 250.  Just didn't feel strong.  Now I'm much heavier and am looking for a better middle ground around 190-210 but muscular. When I started weight lifting last year, I realized I need to eat a *lot* more food than I…

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In need of advice

Hello all,    I've been lifting for a few months and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing this right.  I've definately toned up and I've been slowly increasing my weight but I still have sme questions.  How should I be combining these moves in order to best maximize my efforts.  I've been taking plans off of or other youtubers.  Some are challenging and other days I'm not sore at all.  I've been doing higher reps (4x15s) for upper body and back, and switching between 5x5s and…

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hey guys plz i need help and its being annoying me for the past few months okayi finish recovering from my eating disorder/anorexia in november, a during that time i was force to be pescetarianism until i was better so on november 10th 2014 i became vegan what i wanted to be for a long time but couldn't coz of my 2 years of that.for the last 6 months i want to be a high car low fat vegan, but my parents and even my dietician would not alowed me and here are some of my parents reason 1. carb…

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Ramona's Raw Vegan/Vegan(coaching,personal training,meal planning-athletes/non-athletes) Services

I would like to provide my services for the above who are looking. I am the NY ambassador for Team Green My services are online or in person. I have been in fitness since I was a child and as a professional since 1991. I have been vegan,raw vegan since 2006 and off meat since 2000. I am a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor as well as an avid hula hooper.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel…

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