Southern Spain?

Maybe doesn't sound so exotic to most of you, but what about Southern Spain and Andalusia? I've been living there for the past ten years, and beside the advantage of being part of Continental Europe (easy travel and no visa/immigration problems for EU citizens), we get lots of subtropical fruits growing locally: mangoes, bananas, litchis, longans, passion fruit, avocados, white sapote, black sapote, guavas etc etc. And all the mediterranean fruits like figs, melons, watermelons, and also plums, peaches, apricots and so much more. Only truly tropical fruits don't do well here unfortunately, but no poisonous snakes, mosquitoes and so on like you usually get in the tropics...

Want to try it out, come check out the Raw Fruit Festival from August 28 to Sept 3 in Andalusia, southern Spain, maybe you'd like to join. Early bird discount if registration confirmed before June 1st!

Local organic veggies and fruits, picked ripe, mangoes, bananas, figs, melons, litchis, watermelons.

Outdoor activities, fitness, biking, capoeira, yoga, running, river, hiking...

Hope to see you there



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