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  • I'm here to learn!
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  • I AM ! 
    I am neither my body or matter that water cant hold and that show that no one have any freedom to to what want to do ! 

  • Angela, this is what I've done for lean arms:

    1.  I do what I call airplane arms, just hands out to the side and make small circles forwards then backwards then switch to large circles forwards then backwards...start with 15, if too easy increase by 10.  Make sure your muscles are engaged with small circles and that you rotate your arms in as big a circle as you can (even slow or with pauses).

    2.  tricep dips, using chairs, tables or just on the floor.

    Hope this helps :)

  • i started a vegan calisthenic group on facebook fill free to join :)

    Facebook Groups
    Vegan Calisthenics has 317 members. Welcome all Vegan Body weight fitness: yogis, street workout, pole fitness, gymnastics, parkour etc.
  • 8190844280?profile=originalHandstands and green smoothies :)


    she's vegan, too!

  • Wow, what an interesting video, thank's for charing it.

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Skinny fat!!

I'm skinny fat. It's not a good look. Actually, on my top half I'm just plain skinny, but my butt and thighs are skinny fat. Flabby. Googled it but all I found was a lot of paleo men saying "use heavy weights". And do what with them? They would not explain in detail,and I have no idea if that's even good advise or just some paleo nonsense. Any ideas? Anyone? 

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Vegan Olympic Weightlifting by Ramona and Services

I would like to provide my services for the above who are looking. I am the NY ambassador for Team Green My services are online or in person. I have been in fitness since I was a child and as a professional since 1991. I have been vegan,raw vegan since 2006 and off meat since 2000. I am a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor as well as an avid hula hooper.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel…

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exercise with knee injury?

Help! I've been on crutches for to weeks now and am craving some exercise. I landed on a rock while trail running and tore open my whole knee cap. I can't bend my knee at all right now and probably wont get back to sports for several more weeks(running, swimming, dancing...) Any ideas for exercises i can do while recovering? Especially cardio and stretches.Thanks

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How can I strengthen my wrists?

Hello :) I am an ex-gymnast (I stopped training 10 years ago) and currently a coach so I'm definitely a strong advocate of bodyweight training! I have recently started working on my own handstands, planches and levers again but am finding that my wrists tire out and become sore much earlier than my arms/shoulders/core. Does anyone have any tips on how I can strengthen my wrists so that I can start to improve my handstands, planches and levers without risking wrist injury??Any tips and advice…

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