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Nov 20, 2011
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  • May your birthday be filled with love and cheer!

    Peace, PK

  • Zdravo Alek!! Isto taka , posebno mi e drago my fellow buddy!!
  • Hello alek! Nice to be friends!!
  • Thanks for the request and your warm welcome! 

  • hey there =]  glad to be friends thanks for the nice message!  how's it goin?

  • Hello neighbor! So glad to see someone on here that lives near me.. :-) Smile More!

  • Здравей, Алек (: Всичко е наред, тъй де.. както е в живота. Ти как си? Как прекара празниците, беше ли в БГ покрай тях?

  • i'm in ottawa, the capital.  its north of toronto, you ever been to ontario?

  • Yep.. It's chilly alright! lol


    Wow, Bulgaria. Wow, Miami! How is it to live in both places? I've not yet left Canada... soon ;)


    No MA or Yoga at the moment. I used to do Yoga when I was a bellydancer.. I'm really missing it these days. Trying to get back into it, as well as Qigong and various other passions... So many interests and only one mind!!! :)


    Glad you like the piercing ;)

  • not a bad place to end up!!  perfect for this kind of lifestyle!

    how did you find out about it?

    so you have visited latvia before??

This reply was deleted.