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Alcohol has lost it's appeal

So, I know 30BAD doesn't condone alcohol consumption, but I wanted to bring this up. Many of us have drank alcohol at some point in our lives at least so I think it makes sense and it's based off a recent observation I've had.Has anyone here noticed

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Anyone in Ohio Doing HCRV?

Hey, just putting this out there-are there any low fat/high carb raw vegans in Ohio? Particularly anyone doing the 30 day Challenge ( although it's OK if you're not, too)? Just curious, because I'm in Cincinnati, OH and I'm finally meeting at least s

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Bloating: What to do?

So I've been following a LFRV lifestyle and I love it. I generally feel great and am pretty much always energetic and in a good mood. However, I can't help but notice that I've been feeling a bit bloated lately. My weight has stayed about the same. I

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Always Hungry

So I've been doing LFRV for almost 2 weeks now and have felt incredible. My skin is glowing, my energy is crazy, and I've been losing weight slowly but steadily without really trying too much. However, on some days I find myself really hungry and eve

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