Apple posted a discussion
Mar 20, 2013
Apple posted a discussion
Mar 19, 2013

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  • if you run outa dates or think you had to manny you have gota have a date to go get some more:)

  • Happy Birthday! Hope you are enjoying a lovely fruity day and a blessed celebration of life! blessings

  • Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your message. You asked me what I typically eat in a day. Really, it varies. I almost always have a green smoothie for breakfast. If for some reason I can't have a green smoothie, I have some other kind of smoothie. Sometimes in the summer I'll have a cantaloupe or honeydew melon for breakfast instead. Lunch is tough cause I'm at work. Most days I bring along some fruit or juice with me. When I get home, I usually snack on more fruit before having dinner. Dinner is usually a salad. I do all kinds of different salads with lots of fixings and homemade dressings. Sometimes I'll have something fun like raw hummus & veggies with my salad and sometimes, instead of salad, I'll have a spiralized "pasta" dish like raw spaghetti & marinara or raw fettuccine alfredo.

  • Hi, we just had the Raw Fruit Festival in Spain last September.

    Maybe you'd like to join us this coming Festival September 1 to 7, check this

  • Anytime :)

  • Sugar's exactly what your body craves, and for a very good reason--that's what it runs on.  

    Everything we eat, be it a banana, potato, or Stouffer's Meatloaf is converted into it for proper assimilation.  Fresh fruit just happens to be the easiest to convert for our bodies, and that's a big reason why we emphasize it here.  

    You'll find the best results from consuming it whole (or blended), and as fresh and juicy as possible, but plenty of dates are a fine addition as well, especially as they make it easy to consume ample calories.  

    Yes, lesson learned--now go thee forth and repeat it :)

    P.S.  you don't mention fat, but this most helpful blog by one of our fine moderators Jon might be enlightening to you overall.  There's even a section in it discussing a bit about dates:

  • I wonder if I ate too many dates today. They were small ones.. And I had a couple of pieces of dried too. Don't know why I grabbed it. Not listening to my body guys, or maybe I am?! I had a juice. Maybe it made me crave more sugar? Lesson learned
  • Welcome to 30BAD & the LFRV lifestyle! Also, thanks for the add :)
  • Welcome to 30Bad Apple! Great to have you here :) Take a tour of the All aboard the Banana Welcome Wagon! for a quick look at the basics of this lifestyle and to see exactly how we roll here on 30BaD! Feel free to ask if you have any questions :) Wishing you all the best for your health, Esperanza and the 30BaD team

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