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  • Oh and I just checked out Indicas site, she looks awesome!! That's for the referral haha
  • Oh so you just went raw recently!? Do you eat salt ever? Or overt fats?
  • i read your comments about hearing fruits talking to you, its funny i want to add you <3 and i belive you !!! <3 :)

  • Heya!  So are you planning an exodus south as well?  I'm headed to Mexico first and will keep going south until I hit the sweet spot.  From Mexico to Brazil, something's gonna give!  Later!

  • Happy New Year!!!

    Wishing you all the best and sending you much gratitude, thank you for all the awesome posts and inspiring stories!  -Shell

  • Hey! I dont really know you, so Im not sure about Facebook. But we're friends here!

  • hey thanks for the add :) keep frothing on life

  • Hi! Thanks for adding me! I wasn't sure how to reply to your message so I just came here lol. I am glad you liked my comments. Sometimes it is easy to forget that others often go through stuff like eating disorders, which makes us feel separated from others. It's nice to connect with you on that level.  :)

  • Hi. You posted on a blog of mine a few days ago. I saw that you are in Houston which happens to be my hometown. I will be visiting soon and had wanted to go to one of my fav restaurants called Radical Eats. 

    I looked them up the other day as I heard they moved... Uhm... They are still listed as a vegan place but their menu appears to now include meat. Have you been there? Is this correct? 

    That's sad if they went meaty. They used to have the most amazing latin vegan food.

  • Found the friend request! Thanks for adding me!
This reply was deleted.