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Vaccines for children

So is there any solid scientific evidence showing that vaccinating children is to be avoided? I'm not looking for circumstantial evidence, and not for scientific work that has been debunked like the famous 1998 andrew wakefield study. I'm also not lo

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Jackfruit question

My local grocery store got a box of small jackfruit today.  I picked one up, cut it open, and was a bit perplexed.  There's the stringy membrane stuff that usually surrounds the pods, and there's the seeds that you find inside the sweet edible pods,

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Citrus calorie math

Hey guys, so I'm confused as to how many calories I'm consuming when drinking freshly squeezed orange juice.  Here's an example:

I just juiced 5 florida oranges.  They were 2-11/16" in diameter. I used a Breville citrus juicer, which gets every last b

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Winfinity holiday season traditions

Hey all,

With the holiday season here, I've been thinking about holiday traditions lately.  There are many traditions in place today which are wonderful in some aspects, but not so wonderful in other aspects. 

The xmas tree is a great example.  It is g

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Where to go in south asia in December?

Hey guys, I'm thinking about going to south asia around Christmas time through New Year's. I enjoy nature, my fellow travelers are interested in diving. Where do you think I should go? Thailand, Vietnam, somewhere in the Philipines, Malaysia?

Which co

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A friend of mine asked me why I think vinegar is toxic. I didn't have a good answer for him.

I understand that it is expelled by the body unprocessed, but so is fiber, and fiber is not toxic. We breathe air everyday, which is made of nitrogen and CO2

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Miami to Key West

Hey all, in a couple of weeks, I'll be flying in to Miami, then driving from Miami to Key West. Can any of you Floridians recommend good sources to buy food on the way, or any other LFRVegan places of interest on the way?

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Chronic headaches

This might have been covered in a previous post, but I couldn't really find anything specific using the search feature.Has anyone here been able to get rid of a chronic headaches problem with LFRV? If so, could you tell me how long you've had this pr

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