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  • Hi there! Surviving the first snowfall? Brrr!!! My yearly plotting to run away somewhere warm begins, haha!
  • highly recommended are pristine waterfalls
  • hey! yr in edmonton, huh. know of any good places for fruity deals?
  • Hey, I'm in Canada as well... yes, look into it. Nice that your kitty is in a good home though! Is your room mate allergic or opposed to the kitty?
  • I read that you aren't allowed to take your kitty to your new place?? That's illegal - landlords can not tell you that your cat can't live there!!! I hope you've looked into it further? Most leases say 'no pets allowed' as it does on my lease, but this building is full of cats and dogs. As long as they aren't destroying the place or disturbing the neighbours - you are allowed to bring your kitty.
  • Congratulations on your raw journey!!!

    I am going on to 2 years now (this july)
  • I wish I could exercise like that. With being so sick I am totally drained and void of energy :S
  • Oh yes! You mean they were unripe ;)
  • Well I am still alive but not really kicking... I've been pretty down and out with being sick and in pain lately.. My blog goes into lots of detail. I shake my fist at health issues.... How was your run?
  • Haha, I acknowledge that you were opening the avo. All fruits are tool free you know, including the green monstah (avo). Grip it with your fingers, squeeze and pull. Mmmm a perfectly open avo. Or you can literally peel the skin and eat like that.

    I've blown peoples minds getting down on fruit wherever I go, especially if you eat avocado like an apple :P

    Much love!
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