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  • Thank you so much for your friend request.  I am most certainly happy to accept, and I will be contacting you about dates.  Thanks so much.

  • Hi Eddie,

    I'm looking to order some large medjool dates and just wondered if you deliver to the UK and what sort of money would the shipping costs be?

    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,


  • Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I ordered some dates from you the other week, and they are literally the best dates I've ever had! And so inexpensive! I have already ordered another 10lbs! Thanks so much Eddie! :) Keep it up!

  • hi new friend! :)

  • Thanks for the invite, Eddie. Nice to meet you here. Your farm pics are incredible.

  • My dates arrived yesterday.. in perfect condition.. all the way on the East Coast (SC), I pitted them all yesterday and put some away (freeze) and not a single one was 'molded' which I have problems with in the grocery store. Thank you so much! 

  • I can't wait! I live a small rural town and finding fresh dates is (almost) impossible and the only place that does have them only sales them in packages of like 30. So.. yes.. I am grateful for you and your prices! 

  • I ordered dates from you today! So inexpensive! Thank you! 

  • Hello Eddie! How are you? I would like to talk to you about dates so please call me at SKYPE. My skype id is:  rashid.ahmed445   email:

    92-3018252198          Pakistan

    966-540320992          Saudia Arabia

  • Love, fruits and happy birthday :)

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